I am Dr. Joseph Spears, and this is my LIMU Experience.

My wife, Shelia, is from Louisiana and we visit her family there every year. Her father, a longtime shipping driver, is a LIMU Customer and has been for quite some time. So, of course, every time he saw us he told us about LIMU’s products (especially BLU FROG) as well as LIMU’s opportunities. He felt it would be a good opportunity for us to generate much needed extra income we could use.
I’m a full-time Assistant Professor and my wife is a recruiter for the State of Maryland. Needless to say, we are busy people. Although we have busy lives, we’ve always sought to be healthy and enjoy the life God has given us. With two small children in private school, we were in desperate need of extra income to help make ends meet. There just wasn’t enough money.
One of my biggest desires was to buy a house for my family and really save some money, so we began putting together a three-year plan. We prayed and believed God would give us a vehicle to make it happen because we knew that with our current situations and working jobs, things had to change. We got our answer with LIMU.
Because of my father-in-law’s persistence, we started to look at the company seriously and we became LIMU Promoters. Once we started using the products, we experienced immediate results and we knew that God had given us something great. It was nonetheless up to us to take advantage of the opportunity.
Within 13 days of becoming LIMU Promoters, we shared the products and business with three other people who became Promoters. We quickly reached 2K VIP and that was only the beginning. Then, in just 94 days, we reached the 20K rank, which qualified us for the LIMU BMW CLUB and a BMW paid for by LIMU. Now the $700 dollars we were spending each month on my Jeep can go into our savings account toward a down payment on a house for my family!

LIMU has truly blessed our family in such a short time, and we know there is no limit to the heights we can reach with this company. We will be drinking, sharing and teaching others about our LIMU Experience for many years to come.

I am Dr. Joseph Spears and I am LIMU!