You might want to crank the AC, because July is about to get a lot hotter. The July Summer Sizzle is here to help you stack some extra cash to elevate your summertime Experience even further.

For the entire month of July, the first three new Promoters you enroll with $499 Fast Track Packs will earn you extra cash on top of regular commissions$50 more for the first, $50 more for the second and $75 more for the third!

July Summer Sizzle: Double Your Earnings!

If you’re a Member or a 1K, this means that the money you earn from your first three Fast Track Pack sales are more than doubled. That’s extra cash in your pocket for a summer getaway, extra cash for your kids’ school clothes, extra cash to grow your LIMU business even further.

Most importantly, it’s extra incentive for your new enrollees to hit the ground running in their own LIMU businesses. Those three $499 Fast Track Packs won’t just earn them an extra $175; it could get them to the all-important 2K VIP status, which comes with its own $200 2K VIP bonus, not to mention the confidence created by so much early success.


Simply put, for anyone who needs extra cash, it’s sitting right there on the table for the taking all month long. All it takes is three $499 enrollments this month to get it all. The incentive to duplicate has never been stronger thanks to the July Summer Sizzle, so beyond the extra $175 you could earn on top of your normal commissions, there’s even more growth to be found through those three new Promoters.

Three Fast Track Packs this month. You can do it. Those three new team members can do it, too. Make this your priority, but remember, doubling your earnings always starts with one.