LIMU is proud to announce a brand new business-building tool specifically designed to benefit your growing team right away — introducing LIMU University. It’s like homework that pays off in big ways! This simple, easy-to-use platform is now your very own, go-to virtual training center.
Now LIVE in your Back Office, it’s loaded with information and training videos that will completely revolutionize the way you build your LIMU business and onboard new Promoters. And it’s FREE to use!
With an ever-growing library of tools and resources, LIMU University will guide you and your team as you start, build and grow your LIMU business.

What is the new training system?

• Specially designed, intuitive browsing and training courses for new Promoters.
• Comprehensive earning resource for the whole LIMU community.
• Short video courses that are simple to understand, convenient and quickly completed.
• Integration of several training systems into one university-wide system.

What existing systems will it replace?

• None! You will still have access to your favorite resources and Back Office.

Who can use the new system?

• Anyone who signs up as a new Promoter, including all existing Promoters.

What courses will be available and when?

• There are currently 10 different and dynamic introductory courses, which will guide new Promoters, teaching them how to build their LIMU business and setting them up for success right from the start.
• ‘Getting Started’ training material is available now.
• Each video course is easy to follow and 2–5 minutes each.

Additional Features

• Regularly updated with new courses, videos and informative content.
• Save items to your “Favorites” list.
• Use “My Training Activity” and “My Recent Training” to track your progress every
step of the way!
• A “File Vault” features collateral resources that are critical in onboarding new team members, like the “Quick Start Action Plan” and “Memory Jogger.”

Where can I get more information?

• By logging in via your Back Office and browsing LIMU University in the navigation bar.
• Start by familiarizing yourself with the Training Center.
• Once you’re inside the Training Center, you can get started on your journey to Be more!
Visit LIMU University today and check back often for new trainings and exciting new LIMU content. There’s no cap to your learning or earning potential!

How to Find LIMU University in Your Back Office