Strong training equals better prospecting and retention, and with the introduction of our new virtual training center and learning platform, LIMU University, LIMU is changing the way you grow your business. Now we’re proud to announce that another new series of training videos is now available in your Back Office. They’re jam-packed with educational resources and tips that will help new Promoters start building their businesses quickly, or give veterans a refresher. The next chapter of your LIMU Experience is waiting for you!
Brand new topics and chapters inside the new “Business Building” course videos include:

• Sharing the Products

Sharing our products is simple and fun! Sharing them with others is the surest way to build your team and your business, so follow the tips in this training video for best practices.

• Sharing the Opportunity

How should you share the LIMU opportunity? The LIMU Experience is focused on people helping people, and the opportunity you’re sharing is one that can help people change their lives. Learn how!

• Hosting and Attending LIMU Experience Parties

“Whoever parties the most, wins!” By regularly taking part in Experience parties as a host or attendee, you can build your business in a fun way that can increase your success exponentially. Discover what you’ll need to make the most of each Experience party.

• Building for Events

LIMU events are opportunities for you as a Promoter to expose new people to LIMU and enroll them as Promoters on your team. Watch this training video to discover how.


Important Things to Remember:

• Access LIMU University logging in via your Back Office and browsing ‘LIMU University’ in the navigation bar.
• Save items to your ‘Favorites’ list.
• Use ‘My Training Activity’ and ‘My Recent Training’ to track your progress every
step of the way.
• Visit LIMU University today and check back often for new training videos and exciting new LIMU content.