I am Kim Jenkins, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I was introduced to LIMU in January 2016 and I was so doubtful. My mind was closed and my life was like everyone else’s, just okay. I worked a Monday to Friday job like everyone else and had never been involved with direct sales.
My cousin convinced me to attend a few parties and from the beginning of January to February 10, something happened. My mind opened and a whole new healthy product, a means to make more income and a better life, came into perspective. I attended a party where the guest speaker explained LIMU and something she said sparked me, so I jumped in with both feet! LIMU has turned my life upside down and completely around.
I have never been an energy drink girl, but the BLU FROG 2 has given me a more focused, intense energy I never knew I had in me. The BURN has started to shed the fat right off me. My husband has health issues that have improved with LIMU. These products are changing my daily life and that of my husband, too. LIMU has introduced me to a better life that I didn’t even know I didn’t have!
I quickly decided I was all in. I wanted everyone to know about these products and how they can change anyone’s life. My Fast Track Pack came and before I had my first launch party, I was all in at 2K VIP. I am excited and focused on sharing these amazing products with everyone. Fast forward to April and I was a 10K, and I will be hard on the 20K door. The extra income this company has provided for my family means extras that I could never provide before.
LIMU has changed my life and the lives of my entire family, and I am hoping to help many more people get the benefits of LIMU in the future.
I am Kim Jenkins and I love to BE MORE!