One of the most important keys to developing a successful team is having an effective leader to build it around. Being an efficient leader also means practicing the qualities that will continually improve your leadership skills and guide others to do the same. With LIMU LIVE! just around the corner, now is the perfect time to polish those skills.
Here are 7 ways to become a better leader:

1. Know Your Team

What drives your team members? Because each person is uniquely different, they all have different sets of skills, strengths and weaknesses. Get to know your team members personally and discover what these are. It will better position you to help them become more productive as they work toward team goals.

2. Get Involved

Your team needs to know you’re there for them and that you’re willing to lend a hand when it’s most needed. Becoming more involved will likely motivate your group by showing that you identify as part of the team, and not simply as an overseer. Remember that together, everyone achieves more as a T.E.A.M.

3. Give Recognition

When the people on your team know that their hard work and dedication is being appreciated, it can have a big impact on the way they perform. Especially when you reward them for problem solving, being proactive and aiding others. Support their efforts, celebrate their rank advancements, and cheer them on! Carve some time out on team calls for public shout-outs and use to create personalized congratulatory graphics for new team members, rank-ups and LIMU BMW CLUB qualifiers.

4. Accept Responsibility

Like with any business, teams will often face various obstacles, problems or setbacks. When you refuse to acknowledge any that you’re responsible for as a leader, it can be perceived as a double standard. Others may believe you’re not holding yourself to the same standards as the rest. Accepting responsibility when it matters can increase the respect and confidence your team has in you. As Gary J. Raser says, “Be the leader you wish you had!”

5. Deliver Clear Direction

Avoid confusing your group with vague directives or inconsistent instructions. Double checking information, detailed planning and holding team meetings are just a few things that can improve the quality of the direction you’re delivering. Above all, communication is always key. Use the tools and company resources at your disposal to align your organization and duplicate your success exponentially.

6. Be Positive

If you want to boost overall morale throughout, then regularly having a positive attitude and outlook is a great start. Something as simple as a smile and taking the time to ask how your team is doing can establish rapport and create a less-stressful work environment. Showing empathy can also fill the gaps between what the team needs and what you can give.

7. Have Fun

It helps to have a serious and focused direction as you work toward common goals. However, don’t forget to have some fun with your team in-between all the hard-earned success and victories. LIMU LIVE! is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Invite the whole team to an official LIMU LIVE! party and blur the line between work and play!!

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