My name is Lee Ann Sisk, and I am a wife and a mother of four. I’m 40-old and have been married for nearly 23-years to my husband, Rodney Sisk, who’s always supported our family. However, as time went on, things became more expensive. I went back to work after failing nursing school, and although not a proud moment in my life, I kept going.

I found a job waitressing just a few miles from where I live, but it was a seasonal job. I was looking for somethings on the side and I found it with LIMU. I took LIMU products prior to becoming a Promoter thanks to my best friend, Dusty Jason. As I joined LIMU on April 30 and began my LIMU Experience, I realized that LIMU was the answer I was looking for. I absolutely love LIMU’s products, and my family and I are feeling much better while experiencing more energy.

I also began to building a team and since joining LIMU, I have never been alone. I signed up my nephew Taylor Chadwick and his team took off, along with my husband’s team. I saw the change in my income in only a few months. I was nearly 10K when I got a call from Michael Huffaker and Jo Mitchell telling me I could hit 20K by the end of that night, and was like “wow!” They were both very encouraging.

I made one call and my husband’s team helped me out as two Promoters, Jennifer and Courtney, got right on top of this to help me reach my goal. I got exactly what I needed and bam! I was 10K and 20K in one night, and now I was BMW-qualified after being with LIMU for two months. I went and picked out my BMW and I’ve loved driving it everywhere ever since!

I would love to thank my team for all the help and support! This has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to helping others in the same way that my team has helped me.

None of this would not have been possible without LIMU!