For the first time ever, LIMU Founder, President & CEO Gary J. Raser will present his popular “Straight Talk” training to all attendees, of any pin rank, at LIMU LIVE! Arlington.
Previously, only LIMU Promoters of 50K or higher were able to attend this exclusive talk, but on May 20, it will be open to everyone! You and everyone you know are invited to hear the business-building tactics and strategies that made him one of the top income earners in network marketing history.
This is the room you want to be in. If you’re trying to reach that next pin rank, get unstuck or catapult to a whole new level, this could be the turning point your business needs.

What does this mean for you and your business?

In sports, you always hear commentators talk about “Player’s Coaches.” Well, Gary is a true “Distributor’s CEO.” He’s been where you are. He’s walked in your shoes. He knows the challenges you’re going through. He knows what works, what doesn’t and what it takes to rise from success to significance.
With over 30 years in the industry, Gary has trained crowds of over 25,000 people and built hugely successful, global organizations numbering in the hundreds of thousands by focusing on one thing – the fundamentals of duplication.
You’ll learn proven tips, tricks, strategies and best practices for success from one of the most dynamic and sought-after speakers in direct sales. You’ll learn how to build a solid part-time income, and even a great full-time income.
Do you want to know how Shannon and Rachetté Pardue became multimillionaires with LIMU over the last 15 years? Do you want to know how Salien Liles, Justin and Kristina Martin, and Brent and Ann Palmer have made millions in just five years? Find out straight from their mentor, who has helped them and countless others become millionaires over the course of his career.

Why do you and your team need to be there?

Leaders are made at events, and this historic two-hour training with the leader of LIMU Nation may not happen again. If you want to be at the top, you’ve got to see what the top looks like.
Seating is limited, so hurry and reserve your spot now! Register today to not just be there, but to Be more!