I am Mary Ann Hagan, and this is my LIMU Experience.

Life-changing! We all hear this as we share our stories, but that’s exactly what this LIMU journey has been for us!
We were a young couple in love in college, so my husband and I started our life together broke! After we unexpectedly started a family, my husband dropped out of college to work full time so that I could finish my degree. He got a job as a dispatcher bringing home only $800 a month, and we took out student loans to help pay for my college and our everyday bills. We found ourselves increasing our debt just to get by, and before I could graduate, we welcomed another bundle of joy into our family.
In the spring of 1999, I graduated from college and pursued my dream of becoming a teacher. I wanted to change lives and felt the best way to do that was to work with children to help build their future.
We were living in a trailer owned by my parents and wanted to become more independent now that I had graduated, so we bought our first home, which just created more debt. I didn’t realize how little I would be making as a teacher, only bringing home $1500 a month. We struggled financially for years praying that we would eventually be able to get ahead, but we never had enough money to keep up with our bills.
We continued to struggle until we had to file for bankruptcy. This felt like a great relief in the beginning, but then our heat and air unit had to be replaced, and our car broke down forcing us to buy a new one. Even through bankruptcy we were still just barely getting by. And on top of all this, medical bills were constantly piling up, and it seemed as though one of us was always at the doctor due to sinus or upper respiratory issues.
One day we were asked to go to dinner with my husband’s cousin. That night, we met some of the most amazing people, including Shannon and Rachetté Pardue, and heard stories of how LIMU had changed so many lives. Like many others, we were skeptical. Could this really be the answer to our financial problems? After much prayer, we said YES to LIMU and have not looked back since.
While attending the LIMU LIVE! International Convention in Memphis, we had two of our friends who had joined our team thank us with tears in their eyes for introducing them to LIMU. My husband and I realized that we had to share this with even more people. Everyone needed LIMU! We made a commitment to ourselves to share LIMU with someone every day. We locked arms with our leaders and 45 days later, we hit the rank of 20K! That night we felt hope, accomplishment and belief!

LIMU has given us that “extra” so that we no longer have to “just get by.”

We have even begun remodeling our home that we purchased 17 years ago when I started teaching, and thanks to LIMU, my husband has been able to further his career with the Louisiana Army National Guard, now able to run without pain, pass physical tests with no problem and reach higher ranks.
We look forward to continuing our LIMU Experience, and are excited for what the future holds for us and our team!
We are 20K Johnny and Mary Ann Hagan, and we are LIMU!