I am Melissa Vandivort, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I’ve always told my children to surround themselves with the kind of people they wish to be like; people who lift you up and help you grow. Some find those people in church, at work, or through fun extracurricular activities or hobbies. And usually, it isn’t something that you are planning or expecting. Maybe you’re like me: just really busy doing something for nothing, not passion, pay or anything, but the good of the family order at home. Maybe you’re also too tired to do anything else.
And then someone you love asks you to come to yet another party. Who has time for so many parties, seriously? But then the moment hits you, maybe a hand from God tells you, just get out of the house, run, go and laugh. Party or not, at least you don’t have to be stuck in this house any longer! I give you the gift of a night off to have a fellowship with your friend. So, you go to your first LIMU Experience party and you find it isn’t just a party. It is a true fellowship, with so many positive, motivated, caring people. Why is this called a party? This should be a revelation; why did I say no the first five times?
That was my mentality. I was a mother and a wife first, a business person next, and just didn’t have any more time. I was robbing Peter to pay Paul on both my time and my finances. I was stuck in pure survival mode, just digging and smiling and providing, with little happiness in the small moments because they were clouded with my never-ending platter of to-dos.
It was at the very beginning of the my LIMU Experience that I loved everyone I met when I walked into the room, as I was surrounded by positive people genuinely excited about what they had to bless me with. We talked and laughed, but I still didn’t sign that night. I went home to try to prove that this wasn’t as good as it seemed. I started with researching the product — nope, everything was solid there. Must be a hitch in the business plan — nope, nothing there either.
I figured I had missed something, so I went to the next Experience party. Same feelings, same people, some more information, so the businessperson in me started researching and didn’t stop for about two weeks. It was payday, and I couldn’t think without LIMU being at the top of my to-do list. When I picked up the phone to call my friend, I knew what I wanted,  but I still was a little shaky in my resolve from playing the devil’s advocate too much. I said “I think you need to come to my office … I’m going to sign up, but you need to get here before I talk myself out of it.”
Once I had my LIMU website, I was off and running, going 2K VIP by the end of that month, 10K the month after that, and 20K the month after that. Do I work hard? Yes, but I don’t work long. My LIMU Experience gave me more reasons to stay connected to the ones I love the most and those I’ve reconnected with because of it. It’s about being able to do the things that allow me to make memories for my children, grandchildren, friends and especially with my husband. No more robbing Peter to pay Paul with my time or my money.
I am Melissa Vandivort, and I am living the LIMU Experience!