I am Miki Nishimura and this is my LIMU Experience:

I wasn’t interested in the LIMU Experience at first, but I always loved LIMU Products because I lost sixteen pounds in just two months using LIMU LEAN! I wasted so much time and money trying other methods in the past, and all for nothing. Then LIMU LEAN changed my body so quickly that I felt silly for not having tried LIMU LEAN sooner!
After my success with LIMU LEAN, the owner of a spa I regularly attended asked me what products I was using to get such great results—she wanted to recommend them to all her clients, so she became the first person in my downline.
As soon as I became responsible for my own downline, I knew I had to learn all I could about LIMU, Prosperity Plan and LIMU Products.
I work for a hospital engaging in highly advanced medical technology and my mission is to provide the best treatment for all our patients. Now that I have my LIMU business, I feel I can do even more to help people in Japan, in a different way, by bringing them this wonderful opportunity.
Although my full-time job keeps me very busy, I made the decision to strongly commit to my LIMU business and that passion changed everything. Previously, when I lacked passion, people refused to listen to me. Once I put my heart and soul into it, people started saying, “I want to try LIMU!” and “Let me tell my friends about LIMU, too!”.
Two months after I ignited this passion in myself, I reached 20K and joined the BMW Club. I still can’t believe I have a part-time job that brings in as much income as my full-time job. And now I’m able to receive long-term income, too. I know everyone is capable of being successful in LIMU, because I was inexperienced and was still able to do it.

I proved myself to everybody and gained so much confidence and security.

You see, we live a long time and many of us are afraid we won’t have enough money to live comfortably into our older years. Most people have to worry about money every day, not just money for today, but for the future as well.
Once I started approaching LIMU with real passion, my team grew big very suddenly. People were excited and begging to join after they saw my success both physically and financially. It’s my mission to continue this and be a pioneer leader here in Japan!
I am Miki Nishimura, and I am LIMU!