I am Monica Spradlin, and this is my LIMU Experience:

I was adopted as a newborn by the best parents a girl could ask for, hard-working migrant workers from Mexico. My adopted parents made sure I grew up knowing my birth family and I am close to them, to this day. When I went to school, the only language I spoke was Spanish, but there were no Spanish-speaking teachers or English as a Second Language classes back then. I worked hard through the language barrier, and graduated from high school with my sights set on finding a job, getting an apartment, getting married and living my life.
After surviving an abusive marriage of five years, I was living a single life and met my husband while working a part-time job. We have enjoyed a life full of family blessings, and he opened my eyes to possibilities because he believed in me more than I believed in myself. We were living a good life, but had our financial difficulties with too much debt. We always had enough money to pay the bills and live comfortably, but we also wanted more.
My father-in-law had been living with us after my mother in-law had passed, and he began having early signs of dementia. We bought a home that was comfortable and provided us all with plenty of room, but two months after moving in, he suffered a heart attack which affected his memory even more. He needed constant care and had to move into a nursing home. It was distressing not to be able to keep him at home, and devastating to our monthly budget.
This all happened a few months before I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44. I endured many treatments and surgeries, but I also found a new strength within myself and ten years later, I am cancer-free. Unfortunately, during that time our financial situation deteriorated, because when the cancer struck, we just tried to get through the treatments and surgeries, and ignored the bills. Not a smart thing to do financially. After many years of trying to hold things together, we had no choice but to file for bankruptcy, a very embarrassing and socially devastating process.
However, we stuck to the 5-year payment plan, grew stronger and completed the payments a few months before hearing about LIMU. At first, my husband would have nothing to do with it because we had tried a multi-level company before and lost money. I didn’t necessarily want to do the business, but I thought that the health benefits of LIMU could help my health, and more importantly, help my family and friends.
I first heard about LIMU from a friend when she invited me to her launch Experience party. I have always believed in supporting my friends when they have a party to share a product they are interested in, but I have never joined to do it myself. So, my friend was amazed that I wanted to hear more about the product and business, and even more shocked that I had my husband with me when we went back a few days later. While my husband wouldn’t sign up, I made the leap and a month later my husband joined after drinking LIMU and noticing benefits.
After drinking LIMU ORIGINAL for a few weeks, I felt energized again! Soon we were drinking all the products. My husband likes the LEAN System and BLU FROG 2, as does my youngest daughter. My husband lost 42 pounds in the first few months, after struggling with his weight for years and trying all the fad diets.

But LEAN wasn’t a fad, it was a truly life-changing experience.

Most importantly, the people that are in our lives because of LIMU are beyond amazing. Words alone can’t express how grateful I feel for my LIMU Experience. LIMU is so deep in my soul that I feel blessed and want to share our story with everyone I meet.
We are the Spradlins and we are LIMU!