I am Nicholas Pollock, and this is my LIMU Experience.

At times, I find it difficult to put into words all I have gained from LIMU, not because I don’t know what it has done for me and those around me, but because of how my way of thinking has changed in the last year. That’s the hardest part to really put into words.
When I joined LIMU at the age of 24, I’d just left my job and decided it was time to return to school full time. As excited as I was for a new journey, I was also terrified. I’d been fully supporting myself from the age of 19, working mainly in the oil and gas industry. All my life I’ve believed that hard work and dedication will get you to where you want to be, but I felt like I’d hit a wall. I was working 80 to 100 hours a week for the company, always on call. I was greatly fatigued, and after years of physical labor, I’d gotten to where I couldn’t open and close my hands in the morning and my wrists were in constant pain.
Around that time, the oil industry had seriously slowed down and my hours were being drastically cut. I’d been taking classes and decided I had enough money saved to let me part ways with the company. So, I gave them a three-month notice of my intentions to return to school full time.
That decision also relieved some of my pain and allowed me to return to the gym. While there, I met a Promoter with LIMU who gave me a BLU FROG 2 to try. I was invited to a couple of parties and one of them lined up with my schedule. I didn’t know much about the company or the product, but I decided to make a friend go with me since I didn’t want to go to one of “those parties” alone. The people there were extremely friendly and welcoming, and I had a chance to try all the LIMU products.
The next morning, I messaged the Promoter that had invited me and told her I was in, and I was bringing people with me. Little did I know at the time that my true LIMU story and transformation had not even begun. I went 2K VIP in one week and made my purchase money back, but at the time what was most important to me was the product. I shared LIMU with those around me so they could benefit as well, and that’s really what I cared about. I was fine with making little to no income from it.
Through the course of the last six months, my outlook has shifted tremendously. I realized that many more people out there were suffering, and if no one had shown me a better way, I would still be stuck in the same place I was last year. My focus has changed from concentrating on how much I love the LIMU products to now thinking about how many people need the same thing I needed … that better way.
After attending LIMU LIVE in October, I finally got it. What I now see is that no matter your rank in the company, no matter where you came from or where you’re going, LIMU offers the same thing to everyone — the absolute greatest and most powerful thing that I’ve seen LIMU provide for anyone, myself included, is HOPE.

For some, it may be the hope of making it to the next paycheck. For others, it may be just to make it day to day. There is real hope in LIMU, for everyone.

LIMU has encouraged me to make some changes that have helped both my health and my overall outlook on life. I’m at the point now where it isn’t so much about trying to just improve my own life, but also the lives of the people around me and people that I don’t even know yet. My LIMU Experience is constantly evolving and the hope it’s brought me has had a profound impact on my life.
I am Nicholas Pollock and I am LIMU for life!