I am Nick Rocchio, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I had given up on my dreams of having, being and doing more with my life, and was settling for where I was. Then I saw that Robin DeMio, a friend of mine and of my wife Shelia, had updated her Facebook status. She posted a picture of her standing by a black BMW that had white letters on the side that said “LIMU.” I asked her what LIMU was. The fact that she had reached the rank of 100K and earned this BMW in less than six months enticed us, so we figured it must be pretty good!
She invited us to a LIMU Experience party to hear about not only this opportunity for great wealth, but also great health. After hearing Robin’s story of how this LIMU with Fucoidan had helped her with her health, we both enrolled right there on the spot. Shelia started with the Fast Track Pack and I signed up under her!
God planted a desire in Shelia and I to help people know that there is a better way and that they can change the results of their lives. We feel that LIMU is the answer to our prayers and is the vehicle God gave us to accomplish that.
It was also exciting to see people like our 80-year-old friend Frank realize that LIMU was a better way and an answer for him to get out of his appliance repair business and leave a legacy for his children. Or Mark, who I introduced to LIMU as well, after realizing that he was struggling financially.

Because of LIMU, now we are all excited about the future and we share this answer to our prayers with people every day!

I am Nick Rocchio and I am LIMU!