You went to LIMU LIVE! Arlington. You saw firsthand the power of Experience stories and recognition. You gained valuable business insight from some of LIMU Nation’s top leaders. You picked up some sweet LIMU Gear, and you’re brimming with enthusiasm and information from hearing LIMU Founder, President and CEO Gary J. Raser deliver his masterful “Straight Talk” training. You’ve gained new skills, made all sorts of connections, and had fun while doing it. So now what? Before you jump back into your routine, here’s what you need to know to make the most of your LIMU LIVE! Arlington experience.

1. Strike While the Iron Is Still Hot

Follow up with anyone you met or reconnected with that you feel could be valuable contacts as quickly as you can after the event. Forming new relationships and strengthening existing ones is important to your personal growth and your business growth. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, or reach out via text or email, and engage them. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, especially if you really bonded with someone in particular. The key in all cases is to write personalized — not generic — messages. Make it a point to mention something related to a conversation you had with them in person.

2. Decompress and Refresh Your Mind

LIMU LIVE! can be a little hectic, and even the most organized note takers can end up with chicken scratch and scribbled shorthand. Shortly after the event, do some housekeeping. While things are still fresh, take an hour to sit down and unload all of your thoughts onto paper. Also flesh out any notes you did take to make sure they are clear to you. This will help preserve anything that didn’t get written down or that was written down in a rush for later reference.

3. Start Putting What You Learned into Practice

These events aren’t just about expanding your professional network, but also your professional development. Reflect on the most helpful and practical things you took down during the event. What were your takeaways? What resonated with you the most? How can you use that information to better your business? The event can make you realize that you need to step up and become more proactive. If that’s the case, what concrete steps can you begin taking today to get up to speed or improve your work performance? Create a takeaway list. Make sure to implement all the key things you’ve written down from your list and go over it while it’s still fresh. Don’t let all the information you learned get stale.


4. Sit Down and Pull Them All Together

Now that you’ve written down your main takeaways, it’s time to create an action item list or refer to the daily action plan below. This list will keep you accountable. This is a home-based business, so if you want to be your own boss, you’ve got to manage your time productively. Working each of these actionable items into your daily routine will do just that. If you had certain goals for your business, take some time to think about how each of these items can help you achieve growth within your business. With each goal, what results have you produced? What’s your personal score? If it’s not as high as you expected, aim to fill those gaps.

5. Pass Along Your Newfound Knowledge

You gained a lot of new information and inspiration, and one of the best things you can do with this is to share it with your team, especially if others on your team weren’t able to attend the event. Be proactive in creating a presentation to show them, incorporating videos of the speakers you thought were particularly valuable. Set up a casual meeting to talk about everything you learned and share the impactful LIMU Experience stories you heard. If you can’t meet with them in person, do a live broadcast. At minimum, share a bulleted list of useful takeaways and include links to new tools and resources, which we provide for you in your Back Office and HERE. Provide your team with a treasure trove of helpful information. Spread your new skills and knowledge.

6. Get Your Learn On with LIMU University

You’ve returned home with four more new courses available at LIMU University, with six more on the way! All the critical info Gary J. Raser highlighted in Straight Talk is covered in this new series. Make it a priority to continue your very own success training with our simple, easy-to-use platform. It’s great for strengthening your skills in recruiting, prospecting, presenting and much more. Your ultimate success with your business will have to do with how much time you spend learning and applying this knowledge to your everyday life. Don’t only encourage yourself, but encourage your team as well! It’s vital to your mutual success that you all set aside time daily to dive into our interactive learning system. Make the most of your time! Training is the key to success in our industry, so make sure to check out LIMU University in your Back Office!

7. Thank the Person Who Invited You

If you were introduced to this event by a team leader, friend or a family member, make sure to thank them, especially if the event left you inspired and motivated. Be sure to offer your appreciation for the opportunity and reiterate the benefits of the experience. In addition to simply being a nice thing to do, this type of gesture can potentially lead to a valuable connection. A sincere “thank you” can go a long way, particularly if you plan on attending future events.

8. Invest in Yourself and Your Team

One of the best things you can do after the event is share the next one with friends or family. Make it clear that attending these events is an investment in yourself and your career, and in growing your business. When you attend LIMU LIVE!, you’re saying you want to invest in your own personal and professional growth. By introducing more people to future events, you are showing them how effective corporately-sponsored events can be. One of your final steps in making the most out of this experience is to invite others to the next event happening in New Orleans on September 16! The best part about them is they’re 100% FREE for you and your guests!