“I’m looking for people to join my team.” “I have three spots still available at my next event.” “This product works for me and I know it will for you, also.”

You’ve seen network marketers post pitches like these around social media at some point. Maybe you’ve even been the one posting them, in which case, you’ve likely also seen criticisms of them.

“This sounds sketchy.” “I’ve heard that network marketing doesn’t actually work.” Then there’s the all-too common, “Is this a pyramid scheme?”

The response to all of these is as simple as, “No, they’re just small businesses.” Doubts can go beyond the simple answer, however. A few years ago, someone made a hilarious, slightly unpolished animated video that addressed practically every possible doubt that someone could have about network marketing. It’s a must-watch for anyone in the business, but even it doesn’t acknowledge the greatest possible response to doubters:

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can change attitudes the way being successful in network marketing can.

The fact is that, as attitudes toward the 40-hour grind have darkened, network marketing has become a more attractive option to people seeking flexibility with their schedules and the opportunity to work for themselves. LIMU experienced one of the greatest surges in enrollments its ever seen near the end of 2016 and that’s changed the nature of our business so far in 2017.

But why is this happening? People seeking the LIMU Experience come from all walks of life: stay-at-home moms needing a second income, college students paying their own way, blue collar workers looking to break the grind and professionals trying to unchain themselves from their desks. They certainly aren’t being fooled by anyone into participating in a pyramid scheme. Just the opposite. They’re looking to leave behind the actual pyramid scheme.

Think about the structure or your typical company. At the top, you have the CEO or owner. Beneath them, there are a couple of executives. After the executives, you have a handful of directors and beneath them, even more middle managers. Finally, you have a whole lot of rank and file employees. If you were to draw that out on a sheet of paper, guess what you’d have. That’s right. A pyramid.

When someone buys a product from a home-based network marketing business like LIMU, that money isn’t going directly to a multi-millionaire CEO or to stockholder dividends. For most LIMU Promoters, especially those just starting out, it’s going to buy groceries or pay bills. More personally, the profits go to someone’s ability to simply spend more time with their family or work on their personal development.

Most people will rarely even see the most successful ones in the business (at least until they run across one of those posts…). Why? Because they’re busy leading other Promoters to duplicate the exact measures that created success for them. That, or they’re off enjoying the hard work they put into the early stages of their business.

And that’s where, in many regards, a network marketing business does overlap with a traditional job. More effort is likely to go into the early stages of as you seek to become established, the critical difference being that, even if you do everything right early in the traditional workforce, there is no proven path to success. There is no system that works the same way for people who follow it closely.

So the lesson here is to not doubt your methods. There will always be critics coming from various perspectives. While there is a specific response to every doubt that you may encounter, there is only one counter for all of them at once. Just work the business, because when you do it right, you’ll be successful. Success, after all, is proven to change attitudes.