I am Patricia Bell, and this is my LIMU Experience:

I believe in fate. People cross our paths for a reason, not by chance. I am an optometrist in a small town and am blessed to practice in my family’s clinic that my dad started many years ago. We have strong family values for helping people. Because of this passion, I have diversified my optometry practice to help kids with vision-related learning problems and developmental eye issues. Because of the growth of the clinic, I hired a new optometrist, Dr. Meredith. She shared LIMU with me and my office manager, and it just made sense — something full of great nutrition that is simple to understand.
My family has had amazing benefits from just drinking LIMU, and it’s great that LIMU knows no age boundaries — from my dad to my son, we have all had great benefits. It is truly amazing the results that can come from giving your body the perfect fuel filled with nutrition
We decided to share the LIMU products with our entire staff to promote better health. Our healthy office challenge was a huge success, with office staff feeling better with more energy and some losing a significant amount of weight. The winners received prizes to help them and their families through the holidays. I enjoyed being a part of helping my staff feel better, do better and Be more. I also recommend LIMU ORIGINAL to my patients, because I really believe everybody needs to drink it.

The fact that you get paid to just share LIMU makes it possible for anyone to do it.

I own my optometry practice, and in our business, the only way to make more money is to see more people or work more hours. Neither is a good option for me, since I have a 16-year-old, a 5-year-old and a husband who has to travel with his job. With LIMU, you weave it in part time with what you already do. One of the most attractive elements of the business model is the ongoing income that builds as you grow your business. After experiencing the health benefits and early financial gains with LIMU, one of my goals is to give my husband the option of staying home. He has been in golf sales for 14 years, constantly traveling a three-state territory, and I want to build an asset with LIMU that will replace his income.
After four months of sharing LIMU and working with our team, we qualified for the LIMU BMW CLUB. Now there are two BMWs parked outside, both paid for by LIMU! We are on our way to making our goal a reality!
I am Dr. Patricia Bell and I am LIMU!