I am Rachael Holman and this is my LIMU Experience:

I’ve always been an athlete. Whether it was basketball, softball, or track and field, I always stayed active. But when college happened, I didn’t gain the freshman fifteen, it was more like the senior thirty. I didn’t realize how bad it was until graduation and all I could fit into were yoga pants and sweats. It was embarrassing – you could see it in my face, as my aunt so graciously told me one day.
I was introduced to the LIMU Experience by my mom Sandra Holman, who asked me if I would come to our neighbor’s house for “something.” It was a LIMU Experience Party and when the young woman at the front began speaking, I remember looking around to see who I knew in the room because I wanted to know who told this lady about my current situation?
She kept mentioning the job market and how 35% of college graduates can’t find a job in their field. Strike UNO. Then, she talked about how so many college kids are moving home. Strike DOS. At this point, I was looking up because I was like “This ain’t nobody but God!” By the time, she got to student loan debt, she had me. I didn’t go that night to sign up for anything but by the end I thought “Whatever she’s doing, I’m down with it!”
When I received my Fast Track Pack, I was very nonchalant about the LIMU LEAN system and didn’t even think about using it to lose weight. Then I bought a scale and I can tell you this – hips and scales don’t lie. Seeing 223 pounds pop up on that digital scale had my heart in my stomach. So, that’s when I decided to get some of the proverbial junk out the trunk.
I didn’t start the challenge until the week before Thanksgiving, and that was a feat. It was the biggest eating holiday of the year! It literally could not have been tougher, but somehow, I lost ten pounds the first three weeks, then fifteen pounds within a month and a half, and then twenty-two pounds in three months. I plateaued but then finally broke under 200 pounds and recently got under 195 pounds … amazing how these products work.
I still have fifteen more pounds to lose but I’ve developed a new lifestyle habit through running, which is amazing since I hated it for most of my life. LIMU isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and since I wasn’t a runner, I had to teach myself and take it one foot at a time. So, I’m here for the long haul. I’m going to BLU up and I can’t thank LIMU enough for teaching me to Be More.

Through LIMU I’ve found my calling along with thousands of like-minded people.

I am Rachael Holman, and I am LIMU!