For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a BMW. In fact, that ultimate driving machine has been a part of my vision board and has remained my car of choice for years. When I was introduced to the LIMU Experience, my eyes widened at the possibility of owning one. It made my “Why” that much stronger. My husband and I jumped right in as Promoters with the dream of being able to allow our three daughters to remain in competitive dance, while I retired to obtain my master’s degree. It was our mission to not allow their dreams to die while I nurture my own.

At my first LIMU Experience party, I achieved the rank of 2K VIP and my team was even more excited than I was! I was blessed to have Shannon and Rachette Pardue at the party and I had no idea who was in my home! One of my sponsors screamed, “The Pardue’s are at your first party. Are you kidding me?!” I just smiled and screamed back as if I knew the severity of having the top Promoters there to support me.

Mr. Shannon placed his hand on my shoulder, pulled me to the side, and said, “You are going to do extremely well in this business!” I followed him outside and Mrs. Rachette took a picture of me standing next to my now mentors, 50Ks Bobby and Carolyn McCain’s BMW! Mrs. Rachette said, “Girl, this will be you in a few months!” I took those words of inspiration to heart as I hit the ground running.

Initially, Mr. Bobby attached himself to me like white on rice and began to coach me. He said: “If you are teachable, I can get you in the car.” I accepted and started working tirelessly to share my amazing testimony. I had a great story but I had to get my emotions out of the way when people that I contacted didn’t see it.

My husband was a great supporter of my determination and he also gave me encouraging words when I would invite 10 people and only two would show up! I begin to apply what my mentors were teaching me instead of trying to re-invent the wheel. I figured, these people have been doing this for years and I just got here! All I need to do is duplicate. It was like an epiphany and the rest was history.

Thirty parties and nine months later, I qualified for a free black BMW paid for by LIMU! I remember Mr. Bobby asking me before LIMU LIVE! in Memphis, “Have you picked out your car yet? Because after this LIMU Live, you are going to hit 20K!” My eyes literally sparkled with confirmation. My response was, “Not only have I picked it out, but a few team members and I have test drove a few and picked out our location for our coveted LIMU BMW photo!

I feel like a star when I pick my girls up from school and run errands. Because of LIMU, I can sit at coffee shops all day and write film and TV scripts, attend every event for my children, have BFF Wednesdays, and share the experience as much as I want. Parking that bad boy backwards is the ultimate accomplishment for me as I enjoy my time freedom! I am dedicated to helping my team enjoy that same feeling.

My name is Rae-Shell D. Fletcher, and I am living the LIMU Experience!