I am Rae-Shell Fletcher and this is my LIMU Experience.

After a 17-year run as a hairstylist, I decided to get my master’s degree and change careers. With the support of my husband, I took that leap of faith, but almost immediately, challenges began to flood our household. Bills were piling up, but my husband and I refused to allow my dreams to hinder the dreams of our children. During my final days of working in the salon, our girls’ dance teacher approached me about LIMU because she I wasn’t feeling very good. I tried one bottle of LIMU ORIGINAL and felt better right away.
One evening a few months later, a fellow dance mom who is a successful LIMU Promoter witnessed my desperate attempt at a fundraiser to supplement dance tuition fees. She suggested LIMU as a means to gain financial freedom. After a 20-minute conversation, I wanted in! I borrowed the money and two days later I received a Fast Track Pack. I have been drinking LIMU products ever since!
My next instinct was to give LIMU to my father, who lives with us and is a Vietnam Veteran. LIMU makes my father feel young and energetic again, and that has sparked a fire in me. Now, my entire family drinks LIMU ORIGINAL and we continue to see the benefits from it.

I reached 2K VIP status at my first LIMU Experience party and I was able to pay the money back that I borrowed. My faith was rewarded!

I truly believe that with our faith, God’s favor and prayer, the LIMU Experience will take my family places that we have never dreamed of as we share the LIMU Experience with others. Because of LIMU, we are now able to pay our girls’ monthly dance tuition, and I am able to work at my leisure, on my own terms. God forbid if LIMU ever ends their contract with the Tongan people, I will fly down to the island, place a knife between my teeth, and deep sea dive for the seaweed myself!
My name is Rae-Shell Fletcher and I will forever live the LIMU Experience!