I am Randy Milliron and this is my LIMU Experience.

I had a few friends who were LIMU Promoters, but I really didn’t know what it was all about. Then I found out it was a multi-level marketing business and was instantly turned off. When it came to MLM businesses, I was a wounded puppy dog. I was talked into joining one and I failed because I was trying to sell products I didn’t believe in.
Fast forward 25-plus years to about a year or so ago, a dear friend of mine contacted me about joining LIMU. At first, I was very skeptical based on my negative MLM history. It just seemed too expensive to join and I didn’t think I was ready to dip my foot back in the MLM pool.
Then she told me about a job opportunity which meant me leaving behind the 10 years I had spent as a safety supervisor in the coal mines, and moving to a government job. I strongly believe it was her comment that was the tipping point and helped nudge me into making a major life change. When she texted me, “Randy, don’t you think it’s time to consider getting out of mining?” I knew I was all in to secure the new job. However, there was only one negative thing with taking the new job: it meant taking a 23% pay cut.
In the grand scheme of things, my happiness must be worth something. Although I was making considerably less money in my new job, I was extremely happy and didn’t experience the same amount of stress that I did in my past job. I was happy in my work life, which meant I was even happier with my family life. However, the consequences of not making the kind of paycheck I was accustomed to was affecting my home life. In years past, we would take a family vacation each year, but with the pay cut, we could only afford to possibly go every other year. I want to be able to provide my family with the things we so enjoy, especially time away together. This weighed heavily on me and I was looking for something to make up for the lost income.
Enter LIMU. My friend told me about the great opportunity to join LIMU for only $100. She quickly erased my no. 1 excuse on why I wouldn’t join LIMU. We met for lunch, and she showed me the Prosperity Plan, the pin ranks, and shared her LIMU experience and her ‘Why.’ After our lunch, I was excited and motivated to jump on board and start to develop my ‘Why.’ I signed up on Halloween and my Fast Track Pack arrived the following Friday. My son was speaking with my wife about which car I was going to choose now that I had signed up with LIMU. My wife commented, “I don’t know which one he would choose, but if anyone would be successful at something like this it would be your father. When he becomes passionate about something he goes all in and no one will stop him or get in his way! Before you know it, he will have a BMW in the driveway!”

I am so excited to be part of an amazing team of leaders who really want to see me be successful!

I didn’t do anything at first with my LIMU business other than surf my Back Office, read everything LIMU related, listened to calls and watched leader videos. Then, with only 15 days left in the month, I realized that to achieve the coveted 2K VIP rank, I had to so in my first 30 days. I busted my butt over the next 15 days and ended up signing up four Promoters and one Customer while meeting the challenge of 2K VIP.
They keep telling me about the passion that I have for the business and that they are so thankful that I joined their team. I can’t wait to see where I am in a year and look back on all of the people I have helped find their own ‘Why.’
My name is Randy Milliron, and I am LIMU!