I am Rhonda Lorio, and this is my LIMU Experience:

After getting married and going through a previous terrible divorce, I wanted to provide for myself and my children so we would never have to endure something like that again. I borrowed money from my IRA to begin a conventional business, but working seventy hours a week and paying my employees before myself was not what I envisioned. That was the reality of my situation, and I knew I needed a new beginning.
Countless nights of praying and soul searching led me to believe that all hope was lost, until a very dear friend introduced me to LIMU. I was finally genuinely interested in something and it was unbelievable to think that I could get started in this for less than it cost to buy my iPhone. Having the chance to be involved with great products that offered perfect nutrition and a way to get paid for it? I was in!
Having been in my traditional business for six years and not even close to having my debt paid off, I thought there was nothing else to lose. I knew that if I didn’t change something, nothing would change.
I started drinking LIMU ORIGINAL and had great results. Taking two ounces in the morning and two in the evening, I was sleeping better, but I didn’t get started building the business right away. Why? Because I was raised in a family that preached: you go to school, get your degree, and go to work. There was never a conversation about residual income or what it meant, so I had no idea what that was.
By January, I had my list of resolutions. I knew that I had gotten great health benefits from LIMU and I thought if I treat this like a real business, maybe I can get great wealth too. It took no time at all to start sharing this amazing product with friends and family. Just 60 days later I was driving a free BMW paid for by LIMU. I never slowed down and soon watched my business double to $50,000 in monthly volume!
In the beginning, for me LIMU was just about security and providing for my family. Yet it has become so much more in the short time I have been a part of LIMU. Now my gratification comes from helping people and sharing information that has literally changed lives all over the country. I have helped several people earn their own paid for BMW and it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done.
Before joining LIMU, I had not taken a trip with my husband without the kids since we first got married, not even a honeymoon. I was blessed to qualify for the 50K Reward Trip, which was truly a once in a lifetime experience as my husband.

We are now on our way to financial freedom … but the best part is blessing others along the way!

I am Rhonda Lorio and I am LIMU!