Throughout the year, LIMU creates important mile markers for your journey as a Promoter. These mile markers are opportunities to assess your business efforts, to see what is working and what isn’t, to meet and learn from other Promoters, and to discover the trends that might readjust your focus. With your newly revised roadmap in place, you can continue working the business plan with the utmost confidence that you’re firmly on the road to success.
You know these mile markers by familiar names — LIMU LIVE! and International Convention — and attending them is absolutely crucial for setting your short- and long-term business goals. Attending them is key, but coming in with a thoughtful, organized action plan will ensure you’re in a better position when you leave. Here are a few great places to start forming your strategy.

Take Action Every Day

Like A Boss
The road to corporate events should be paved with local events every single day. How do you do that? Well, by leading and organizing on a consistent daily basis. Our most successful Promoters share the products, share the opportunity and attend in-home parties regularly. Building for events includes two-way or three-way calls, Experience parties, online parties, regional trainings and coffee shop meet-ups with prospects. You can also leverage LIMU Experience parties featuring top field leaders or corporate staff, such as Senior Vice President Ryan Barson, who travels to key markets frequently. Bringing guests to these events is key to gaining the support you need to build belief and help grow your team. Small events lead to big events and it’s important to maximize the run up to our massive, corporately-sponsored LIMU LIVE! parties and annual International Convention.

LIMU events, such as LIMU Experience parties in homes, are the best place to expose prospects to the information that is critical to building their belief level. That way, they will hear the facts not only from you, but also from other Promoters, who can thereby provide third party credibility and validation.

Another important objective of a LIMU event is to deliver motivation and inspiration. Like many of our field leaders say, “If you had a bad week, you need a LIMU Experience party. If you had a good week, the LIMU Experience party needs you.”

The most important reason to take your prospects to a LIMU Experience party is to let them hear others’ backgrounds and stories that can illustrate the diversity of people in LIMU while giving them the opportunity to identify with some of them.

Catch Up With Your Team

LIMU is a community built on passionate teams and members that support each other. So, if you’re going to make the most out of LIMU LIVE! you’ll want to make sure you maintain regular contact with your team leading up to the event and plan for it together accordingly. Phone calls, Messenger, or group texts are great, but consider broadcasting on Facebook Live to keep your group and followers in the loop about the event as well. Combining team resources, building schedules and assigning tasks will allow for a more rewarding event experience.

Create a Schedule

With so much happening at LIMU LIVE! you’ll want to coordinate with your team and create schedules that provides time for both group and individual enrichment so that each person can take full advantage of everything the weekend has to offer. It’s encouraged to go and grow together as a team, but a lot can be learned simply by venturing out and meeting new people. You’ll find savvy, like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world in attendance.

Also, be sure to pay special attention to start times, favorite speakers, special guests or any other event features that appeal to you. You can also check out the official LIMU event itinerary — posted shortly before the event — to help you plan. Try leaving enough room in your schedule to go sightseeing and enjoy activities while in town as well. After all, LIMU is more than a company—it’s a lifestyle. Make the most of this vacay and fit in work and play. Then get online and put it all on display.


Invite Guests

The perfect way to share what LIMU is all about with new prospects is to invite them to LIMU LIVE! and help them experience LIMU in person. They can witness inspiring LIMU Experience stories, training from leaders, and interact with the LIMU community itself as they become part of an event they will likely never forget. Remember, it’s FREE to attend and there’s nothing like feeling the energy and seeing real success in person. Guests always walk away saying, “If they can do it, so can I!” The purpose of LIMU Experience parties and corporate events is to build the business and enroll new Promoters and Customers—that’s why it’s always critical to bring guests and encourage your team to do so, as well.

Leverage Facebook

Betty White
It’s important to always keep your followers in the know about LIMU LIVE! and updated on details through Facebook, especially dates, locations, speakers and other event announcements. You can also change your Facebook cover photo to a LIMU LIVE! banner to raise awareness and draw interest for anyone visiting your page. Incorporating Facebook Live, sharing LIMU posts and staying up to date on LIMU’s Facebook group is also a good idea. And don’t forget to click ‘Going’ on our Facebook event page and encourage others to do the same.

Remember, there’s a big difference between informing vs. promoting. People hear your music, not your words, so make sure to provide context in your Facebook posts. Don’t just publish a event flyer without any description copy. Tell people why this is a can’t-miss event. Let them know about any featured guests, Top Promoters, upline leaders or corporate staff that will be there to provide support and help grow their teams.

Encourage Your Team to Submit Stories

It’s always a good time to submit a LIMU Experience story, but refreshing it right before an event puts you in a great position to walk across the stage and be rewarded with a dream vacation, cash, prize bundles and much more! Have your team share their inspiring stories also to give new Promoters and prospects something to relate and aspire to. Plus, there’s nothing like the anticipation of being prize-eligible at an event and having their influential stories read on stage in front of thousands.

Stay Updated on New LIMU Rollouts

CEO Gary Raser
LIMU events are the springboard for new business innovations, important marketing initiatives, fresh gear and revolutionary new product developments. You can stay ahead of the curve on most of them by keeping tabs on official LIMU emails, social media posts, blogs and team calls, but there are always surprises in store at LIMU LIVE! and you’ll get first-looks at it all. When you attend LIMU LIVE you’ll have more information and insight to share with prospects and new Promoters, but more importantly, you’ll become motivated together to keep building strong.