I am Robyn Schonberg, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I know you’ve heard all about LIMU but I just want you to know ‘Why’ I believe in it so much and ‘Why’ it’s not just about me, and sure as heck not just for me.
I consider myself to be just a normal small town girl with big city tastes. However, it’s not easy and I have found a better way with a bit of hope for my family’s future. I have worked for almost 14 years, and for over my 36 years my family has had good paying, awesome jobs. My dad was a coal miner for 32 years, my mom head of payroll and my stepdad an accountant for top employers. But regardless, we struggled to live paycheck to paycheck.
I have made the decision to strive and find a way to not have to worry about our cell phones being disconnected or our electricity being shut off, and to ignore the countless phone calls from bill collectors. There is not a week that has gone by in my life that I have not stressed and prayed about our finances. Even as a young girl there were many days that I cried and begged God to please help us make it just one more month.
I may play it off very well with a giant smile on my face while running a staffing agency where I see people struggling every day because they were laid off, but that is why I love my job as much as I do. I can put myself in their shoes and I can help them make a difference and help them bring food, clothes and necessities to their families. Just like in my job, LIMU has been brought into my life to show people a better way, the way of the future. LIMU is real and I have felt it impact me directly.

I am almost at the 50K rank, which will surpass the income of my job that I have worked at for 14 years!

I have grown to know people personally that I now can call my friends and family, some of the most positive, encouraging people I’ve ever met! We have one dream together — just happiness, that’s all!
It’s been just one year since I joined LIMU and I feel that my knowledge of network marketing and LIMU as a company are substantially more in-depth. I know joining LIMU has been the best decision of my life! It really is life changing, with real people that have lived through the struggle and recognize that we are not put on this earth to be miserable! As Sir Richard Branson says, “In order to progress and change for the better, we need to continuously place ourselves outside of our comfort zones.”
I am Robyn Schonberg and I AM LIMU FOR LIFE!