I am Sheletha Williams, and this is my LIMU Experience.

I was a LIMU wife who is now a LIMU Promoter, and my journey began just a few years ago. My husband originally joined the LIMU Experience after a friend invited us to listen to a late-night call, because there were some changes that she thought we might be interested in. Now at the time, she had absolutely no idea what was going on with us and our fast-approaching financial future.
Then a blow hit my family like a hunter hits a deer: my husband lost his job and we went from two incomes to only one. I was devastated because my husband was trying to be strong and not show how hurt he was, but I knew. I just didn’t understand why. He has been such a positive person, always helping others and doing what he believes is right. I had to be reminded that it rains on the just as well as the unjust. I was ready for him to let LIMU go for a while, at least until we got back on track financially.
Now, let’s fast forward to the moment I joined LIMU as a Promoter. I always wanted to be a little boss myself and help my husband accomplish his dream, as well as that of our friends and family. I set a weight goal to be below 200 pounds by the next LIMU LIVE! so that if I walked across the stage, I wouldn’t look out of shape. So, I drank BURN, LIMU LEAN shakes and healthier meals/snacks.

I lost weight big time. I was down 29.4 pounds just watching what I ate and using LIMU products.

I was too embarrassed to post my ‘before’ photo in the LIMU Challenge, but I’m quite proud of how much I’ve accomplished since then, as I share my LIMU Experience with anyone who also wants to lose weight. It meant so much to receive encouragement from my upline in texts, cards and phone calls. They planted a seed that is growing and I just know in my heart that I’m planting seeds right alongside my husband, seeds that will grow and spread like wildfires through our LIMU Experience.
I am Sheletha Williams, and I am LIMU for life!