I am Shelley Scott and this is my LIMU Experience:

My life forever changed the day I took a leap of faith and signed up to be a LIMU Promoter. I found something that was life changing and I didn’t even realize it at the time.
I was introduced to the LIMU Experience by my son, and I was skeptical at first. It took me three LIMU Parties, and a lot of googling and researching because believing in the product was a must. I just knew I would be able to find something negative in my research, but much to my surprise, I could not find a thing.
So, I started using LIMU Products right away. And at that third LIMU Party when I heard about Gary Raser, his background, and how the company was started, I saw the LIMU vision, and I was all in. I told my son, “Sign me up. Let’s do this.”
My husband has to work away from home. My “why” started out with simply wanting to get him home and pay off debt, including student loans. Little did I know, my why would grow bigger and bigger every day. In October, after attending LIMU LIVE! I opened my eyes and my heart to the LIMU System and dedicated my heart and soul to LIMU.

I started as a 2K but with the most amazing support from my upline and my team, I hit 20K and qualified for my BMW!

Since getting my BMW, I am amazed at how many people that I had gone to when I first began have come back to me and are impress with how real it is. The car is nice; the extra income is great … but the lives that I have changed just by simply sharing a blessing … well there are not enough words for that.
My whole family has benefited from the LIMU Experience. We use all the products, and my husband has lost thirty pounds on BURN.
My outlook on life is so different now. I am so positive, and I have grown spiritually and personally, and there is no better feeling in the world than to have people tell you they cannot believe what a different person you are.
I owe that to this amazing LIMU Experience and I thank my son so much for sharing LIMU with me. And thank you Gary Raser for blessing each and every one of us with this wonderful opportunity!
I am Shelley Scott, and I am LIMU!