I am Tanya Robinson, and this is my LIMU Experience.

LIMU has become my passion. If anyone had asked me 15 months ago what I thought I would be doing today, I surely would not have replied, “Building my LIMU business with the best folks ever.” But, that is exactly where I am now!
Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, and I became very limited as to the things I could eat, touch, clean my house with, and even wear. I felt like I was living in a bubble, and I was having a reaction to the bubble! I needed an answer because life at this stage seemed almost impossible to deal with, but I kept my faith.
I had worked as a pharmacy tech for the last 12 years, but with a management change at work, coupled with my growing health challenges, I found myself at a crossroads. Those that know me well,know that I have a pretty optimistic outlook on things. I believe you have to take the cards you are dealt and turn them into a winning hand.
At that point I was given an opportunity to hear about LIMU and how it might help with my health issues. I knew that what I was doing wasn’t working, so I began drinking LIMU ORIGINAL. Within the first month I was able to rest easier and had more energy. I decided to promote LIMU, because I couldn’t wait to share these amazing products. The more I kept LIMU in my body, the better I felt. I was making improvements and was even able to start adding things back into my life.
After losing the income I had as a pharmacy tech without being able to replace it, I began to build my LIMU team. And, build I did, but very slowly, and it took me several months to reach 2K (I may just hold a record for snail building). I could have given up, but you can never reach a dream if you quit. There were folks flying past me, and then there was me. I was determined to build my business. I made up my mind to trade in a couple of those cards in my hand, keep a positive attitude, and plug into everything the company offered to help me succeed. It paid off!

I advanced from 2K to 10K and the following month I became car qualified at 20K! Persistence pays! At this new level I was beginning to replace the income I had lost in the pharmacy.

I have to say that there have been so many blessings like the improved health and new income stream that LIMU has given me, but the best blessing is the people I have met. I have gained so many new friends, many of which I call family. LIMU has brought me so much more than health and money — it has given me life and hope, and it can for you, too. Just look at your hand, trade in the ugly cards life has dealt you and make your mind up that you ARE going to win!
I am Tanya Robinson and I am LIMU for life!