The three keys to having the kind of social media presence that will help you grow your business? Quality, consistency and credibility.

It’s a given that posting every day is absolutely essential for getting your business noticed in the never-ending stream of content that keeps your friends’ eyes glued to Facebook. It’s just as important, however, that your posts contain quality, sharable content that positions you as an influencer living a vibrant lifestyle thanks to your LIMU Experience.

Available now, there’s an invaluable new component in your LIMU Back Office that’s here to help you with that. The new Social Sharables section is stocked with high-quality, professional looking graphics that will help spur conversations on social media about your LIMU business, the great lifestyle it affords you and our amazing products.

They’re the perfect introduction for your Facebook friends to what LIMU’s products are doing for you, and also what they can do for them. Plus, each graphic links directly back to your personal IAMLIMU website, so everyone who views one is just a click away from purchasing products or even enrolling, which allows you to earn credit just as you would if you actively recruited and signed them up personally!

Every month, brand new graphics will be released, so check back often. Visit your IAMLIMU site now to see what’s available and start implementing them in with your normal posting routine. They’re a great way to keep your business out in front of your social circles while building your personal brand!