LIMU’s 2017 International Convention was made for moments like these. Moments of excitement, fulfillment, triumph and perseverance have become our hallmark, and the way we share them with others is what guides our success and the future success of those who witness it. So many of these magic moments happened at this year’s event, but then there were some that really stood out as great examples of the power of social media.


Why We Like It: Excellent composition: check. Product placement: check. Smart hashtagging: check. Great engagement: check. On-brand color coordination: check.

Erica did an awesome job of not only making her favorite LIMU product the centerpiece of her post about her journey to International Convention, but placing her BURN next to her blue running shoes made it a great pivot point for engagement.

The jewel of this post, however, is the #luluroe hashtag. It subtly drew in fans of the popular womenswear line to check out her leggings — frog-patterned, of course — who likely got their first impressions of LIMU. How’s that for brand synergy?


Les Brown about to speak. Gary Raser introducing him…. #LIC2017

Posted by Martha Hazzard Decker on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why We Like It: Facebook’s live video feature has sparked a revolution in social media, and Martha went the extra mile in using it when it counted the most: during Les Brown’s brilliant keynote speech. It’s right there to revisit any time, almost in its entirety, ready to provide the same inspiration to someone who least expects it as it did to those thousands who got to witness it in person.

Don’t bother me I’m working. #DoWhatYouLove #LIC2017

A photo posted by John Marple Jr (@johnmarplejr) on

Why We Like It: First and foremost, we really liked that John used song lyrics (whether it was to this one or this one) to make a clever allusion to how he builds his business. It’s a casual reference that might have flown right past most people, but that’s okay. Those who caught it will have made a really positive connection with it and are even more likely to have their interest piqued. That’s the goal, right? Don’t be afraid to show your personality and likes when you post.

Otherwise, this is a great example of using one post for two audiences, as John created it for Instagram, but sharing it in two places at once (the option is found on Instagram right before you post) also created an opportunity for great engagement with his Twitter audience as well.


I lost 70lbs in 7 months using this amazing product. I was then recognized on stage in front of hundreds of my peers in receiving a prize pack of over $1000 to support my continued journey in losing more weight. I feel amazing.

click this link if you want to learn more or shoot me a message I would be glad to share how this happened for me.

#LIC2017 #ThanksLimu #LimuLean #WeightLoss #HealthyLiving

Posted by Craig Tomanini on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why We Like It: Craig lost 70 lbs. in seven months with the help of LIMU products, and the image of him walking up on stage after his story was read and presenting his belt to the crowd was one of the most stirring moments at International Convention.

That he showed the world how he won over $1000.00 to help him continue his journey should be a turning point for anyone wanting to lose weight as well, but in need of options that work for them. He tagged his whole team in his post, ensuring their friends saw it and knew who was there to cheer him on all the way. Plus, sharing his Promoter URL along with the video gave anyone interested the perfect place to start.


Can you find me? I’m the one with the biggest smile!!! #LIC2017 #limulife #limu #ilovelimu

A photo posted by Rae D. Fletcher (@raedfletcher) on

Why We Like It: Walking on stage and being recognized for your hard work might be second only to actually enjoying the fruits of your labor, but that doesn’t make Rae Fletcher’s smile beaming out of the crowd of new BMW Club inductees any less apparent.

It’s proud individual moments like this that draw others to The LIMU Experience, but this moment succeeds because it also depicts just how many people are sharing Rae’s experience. There are so many, in fact, that they all couldn’t fit in one photo and it shows prospects just how easy it is to share in Rae’s success.