We are Trudy and Larry Ceccarelli, and this is our LIMU Experience.

We are blessed to have found a second family in LIMU, a family that is positive, encouraging and willing to walk with us arm-in-arm on every step of our journey. They have celebrated our accomplishments and have patiently helped us right our course when we got off track. Every party, every training and every LIMU LIVE event has helped us recharge our souls!
We started our LIMU journey five years ago. We joined looking for a Plan B, a second income to create some security, so we signed up and then let life take over for a few months. We put our dreams on a dusty shelf while we focused on everyday work drama. And then the universe threw us a hard punch … my employer of 21 years eliminated my position.

Talk about a huge ‘Why’ and motivator! We went to work on our LIMU business and reached 20K just four months later, a fun rank to hit because it comes with a BMW!

Fast forward five years and we can see our LIMU Experience has brought us lots of excitement, bumps, celebrations, discouragements, tears and, most of all, growth. We joined the LIMU family to create a second income, but LIMU has forced us to stretch in ways we never thought would happen.
We learned the power of vision. There is more than one way to look at life. If we spend our time looking at the past, or looking at what others are doing, we move our focus away from our dreams. It is constant work to keep our eyes forward. When life gets crazy and we get wrapped up in the wrong stuff, we have learned to cast our vision in front of us and keep moving forward.
We have learned to get uncomfortable! Let’s face it, 21 years in the same job is extremely comfortable. There are no great leaps made by doing the same thing day in and day out for two decades. There is only the empty feeling of building someone else’s dream. We have learned that we have to be more uncomfortable with a stagnant life than with the prospect of freedom to move forward. A big ‘Why’ can overcome a lot of fear.
Have we wanted to quit? Yes. Has it been hard? Oh yes. Are we afraid? All. The. Time.
What has kept us on course is staying locked into our vision of freedom. Before LIMU, we didn’t even grasp our own potential. We were stuck in go-nowhere jobs that held us back and we didn’t even know it! We were never encouraged to grow or try anything new. We had accepted what society told us was the status quo. Now with LIMU, there is no such thing as a limit.
We understand that a journey isn’t necessarily a high-velocity trip that is done in a month or two. We must keep working on ourselves a little every single day. And as the days, weeks, months and years go by, we will get better. We will keep striving to be the best we can be, one step at a time. LIMU is a mindset that has spilled into our entire life. With LIMU, we can achieve any hope and any dream.
We are Trudy and Larry Ceccarelli, and we are on our LIMU journey for life!