I am Victoria Denton, and this is my LIMU Experience.

When I moved out of my mother’s house, I found out what the real world was like — it was hard. I had a darling daughter I was determined to take care of as if I wasn’t the only parent. With not enough time in my life, I ate way too much fast food, but I did attempt to cook sometimes without much success. I then met the love of my life and settled down, but I also continued to work. Along with my new role as a wife, my metabolism slowed down. With a predetermined plan for a family, my husband and I added on two additional darlings. Being tired became my new regular. When I met LIMU in 2015, I was working night shifts as a detention officer and doing customer service during the day, which meant drinking coffee at night and six tall cans of Red Bull during the day. Most weeks, I worked 60 hours and I was always “zombie” tired. Before LIMU, I prayed and asked God to help my family, to help me with my energy, to help me deal better with my life. I was so tired all the time!
A friend invited me to her home, where I was introduced to LIMU ORIGINAL and BLU FROG 2. After tasting the LIMU products, I decided to buy them at least one time to test if they worked. When my LIMU came, I was immediately excited, happy and curious at the same time. I opened my “healthy awesomeness” and dove in. I saw results the very next morning and woke up feeling wonderful. How could this be happening? Within a week, I became a Promoter and began experiencing the new me. At times, I was paranoid that this paradise would end soon, but it just kept going!
I love my “LIMU self!” I am more alert and focused, and those six cans of Red Bull have turned into my one can of BLU FROG 2. I now eat much healthier, and I’ve even lost weight because my appetite has changed by using the LIMU LEAN products!
I am still amazed that LIMU’s benefits are found not only in its products, but in its people. My upline is “awesome sauce” and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

The LIMU Experience has brought back my passion for life, because I now have a new path to a more successful life. I want to have financial flexibility for my family and I am already on that path because I no longer get overdrafts in my bank account!

I want to say thanks to LIMU and my “awesome sauce” team, who helped me believe I could really do this and be more. I have more energy than ever, I am saving money and it feels nice to have multiple paychecks every month. I have had a dream of owning a childcare center, and in under a year’s time in LIMU, I now see that I could reach that goal. Other people have financial freedom, so why not me? Sometimes you really do have to jump for success! Why not start with your health?
My name is Victoria Denton and I am LIMU!