There are few more iconic luxury brands on the road today than BMW. That sleek, powerful machine is a ride to be admired, and owning one is a billboard of success. Of all of LIMU’s incentive programs, the LIMU BMW CLUB is its most coveted. It’s the most significant milestone that a Promoter can achieve in the early going, but also it’s the most important. BMWs stand out from the crowd, so therefore you and your business do, too. They make a statement that blends lifestyle and success, just like the LIMU Experience does. Most importantly, it’s the first thing that will makes people ask, “So what do you do?”

What’s Unique About LIMU’s BMW Program?

There are many things about LIMU that are unique and the LIMU BMW CLUB is one of the biggest ones. For starters, it’s available at a much lower pin rank than similar programs at most other companies. That means you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best perks from your efforts much sooner than most in our industry! Promoters qualifying for their brand-new BMWs are featured onstage at LIMU LIVE! events with thousands in attendance, so you’ll not only drive like a star, you’ll feel like one, too!


BMWs Make a Statement

BMW has been the best-selling premium automotive brand in the U.S. in recent years, representing success and showing everyone how your LIMU business enables you to live well. We’re all about giving you outward, visible signs of success — conversation starters — to make sharing the LIMU Experience natural and easy. A BMW is meant to be noticed, and so are you. In short, a BMW is a statement ride. It’s a head-turner and luxury vehicle that most people aspire to have. And when you’re looking to make a statement and accomplish your goals, that’s where LIMU steps in and drives you to success with a paid-for black BMW of your choice!


LIMU BMW CLUB Provides Real Proof of Success

Any time prospects show up to a LIMU Experience party and see several BMWs parked out front, they’re going to be impressed and think, “Wow, something is happening here!” BMWs are much more impactful and desirable than common, non-premium cars. Consider it a trophy with a horn, and the most effective recruiting tool you’ll ever have at your disposal. What better way to let everyone you meet know you mean business than to drive up in a BMW? Work hard, play hard and show it off. After all, you’ve earned it!


What Else Sets LIMU Apart?

Aside from being the first to bring Fucoidan (and Fucoidan-infused products) to mass-market, LIMU believes in providing the tools people need to succeed and Be more in their business. One way we’ve accomplished this is by being the first to make all corporate events 100% free, along with our LIMU University virtual training center, which is also free.
We’re the only company in the world that pays you for your story! We’ve already given away over $18 million dollars in prizes, products, trips and cash on top of regular commissions for the most impactful Experience stories, plus we’re the only company in the world that pays you up to five times a month, with 13 different ways to earn and six weeks each month to qualify for commissions!

Stay in Style

Remember to keep sharing and building your LIMU business to continue qualifying for your black BMW each and every month!

LIMU BMW CLUB: Read dozens of stories from Promoters just like you who’ve earned their BMW with LIMU!