How did we live before the era of the smart phone? To think that not too long ago, we carried around a huge brick before flip phones were even a thing. Now devices like the iPhone 7 replace a half a dozen gadgets by itself. It’s not only our personal lives that can benefit from embracing the latest handsets on the market. We all have an attachment to our smartphones, because they aren’t just being used for fun. We use our phones to benefit ourselves both personally and professionally.
Your smart phone has gone from being a luxury to a necessity in the world of business. With people becoming increasingly connected, cell phones allow you to perform job duties whenever and wherever you might find yourself. Whether you’re iOS or Android… it doesn’t matter. Your handheld device can help your further your business just by being accessible. Here’s how you can maximize its influence.

1. Leverage Your Digital Rolodex

Smartphones are communication devices, so use them to communicate for your business. The most powerful tool in recruiting new members of your team is through strong personal relationships. Take a moment to flip through your contacts. Think about who would be the most interested in financial and time freedom, and send them a text. Craft a text message that allows them to answer on their own terms. And, just think, you might have hundreds of potential new business partners in the palm of your hand.

2. Be Available for Your Squad

Be Available for Your Squad
As you build your business and become a leader, your downline will grow. With your downline expanding, your priority in the business will be to continue to motivate and train your team. Think of yourself as their leader or coach; your team is investing in you and your time, which means you’ve got to take time to see how their experience in the business is going or taking a moment to congratulate them on a win. It’s critical that you are available, as their success is your success, too. With your mobile device, you have the ability to connect via text message, Facebook messenger, FaceTime, WhatsApp or through a simple phone call. The means to communicating are endless. Plug into team calls, 3-way calls for third-party validation and welcome calls, too! You’ll find more info on these topics in our LIMU University training videos, available now in your Back Office!

3. Say L-I-M-U for the Camera!

Brent Palmer Stage Selfie
LIMU has changed your life for the better, so documenting your journey is essential to continue the growth of your business. Keep your followers updated. Take the perfect shots and selfies in style during LIMU LIVE! events, reward trips, Experience parties or when you visit the corporate office in Lake Mary. The snap of your camera can help you tell a story in micro-moments about your products and business by using engaging pictures to draw attention from people. Plus, we have our officially-branded LIMU selfie stick to help capture those optimal moments. These are materials you can incorporate into your every day business-building efforts. You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The proof is in the pudding. You can be the tangible proof that they need to join your team.


4. Get Your Learn On

Get Your Learn On
Creating a winning environment for your team to grow is essential in the success of your LIMU business. You can create this environment for you and your team by encouraging them to get into their Back Office and learn on-the-go. With the help of your mobile device, you can log into your Back Office and browse LIMU University. The educational resources and tips available there will help new Promoters just starting out and give veterans a useful refresher. It’s easy to fire up one of our training courses and learn how to grow your LIMU business effectively and efficiently. You’ll also have a complete, quick-look snapshot of your business, as well as announcements, promotions and resources from our corporate headquarters. You can also access in-depth member reports, track carryover volume, run contests, check on your Waiting Room, make placements and sign up a new Promoter or Customer. Best part is, you can do this anywhere, whether you’re at the dentist’s office, sitting in the airport or at a PTA meeting.

5. Market Your Brand On-the-Go

Get Your Learn On
You don’t need to be a business genius to realize that marketing plays a vital role in growing your business. Whether it’s boosting your Facebook page or gaining a following on Instagram, personality is key. Your smartphone will probably be your primary means for keeping up with social media while on the go. With your cell phone, you have the ability to perform many tasks that your computer can. Whether it’s posting messages, taking photos or using videos, your smartphone is a wonderful tool for social media marketing. And with LIMU’s best-in-class content marketing, you’ve got daily graphics, videos and blogs to grab and share with your personal networks! Our award-winning marketing and branding team produce compelling posts that spark conversations and position you and your growing business in the best light possible. We literally write the script for you!
With so many ways a mobile device can help grow your business, it’s no wonder 78 percent of business owners say they use their smartphone to manage their business. With these few tips you can keep your business moving. Now that has to be more productive than playing Candy Crush.