July Summer Sizzle: Increase Your Earnings!

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You might want to crank the AC, because July is about to get a lot hotter. The July Summer Sizzle is here to help you stack some extra cash to elevate your summertime Experience even further. For the entire month of July, the first three new Promoters you enroll with $499 Fast Track Packs will earn you extra cash on top of regular commissions — $50 more for the first, $50 more for the second and $75 more for the third! If you’re a Member or...

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10 Common Mistakes That Network Marketers Make With Social Media

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Network marketers from all walks of life are using social media as one of their primary business-building tools, but while some have more experience than others, we accept that the social landscape is ever-evolving. We must come to terms with the fact that often the best way to learn is simply by doing. There will be misunderstandings for those just entering the world of social business, and that’s okay. Becoming an actual practitioner and...

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3 Super Smoothies to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

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Commemorating the day of St. Patrick traditionally involves beverages that might never be the first choice for the health-minded, but you can still raise a glass to your health this Friday and actually mean it. We’ve come up with three delicious smoothie recipes that will give you the luck of the Irish — and the health that only LIMU can provide! The directions for each of these recipes are simple: just add ingredients to a blender and mix...

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Nothing Changes Attitudes Like Being Successful

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“I’m looking for people to join my team.” “I have three spots still available at my next event.” “This product works for me and I know it will for you, also.” You’ve seen network marketers post pitches like these around social media at some point. Maybe you’ve even been the one posting them, in which case, you’ve likely also seen criticisms of them. “This sounds sketchy.” “I’ve heard that network marketing doesn’t...

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Recipes for a Guilt-Free Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Featured, News | 2 comments

They might get all the attention, but Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t the only holidays that can derail a diet. Just when you think you’re winning your resolution to eat healthier or lose weight, along comes Valentine’s Day. You and your sweetheart treat yourselves to wine, chocolate and rich, extravagant meals. Suddenly, those seven weeks of progress are wiped away, and so is your enthusiasm for sticking to your resolution. The good...

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