Recipes for a Guilt-Free Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Featured, News | 2 comments

They might get all the attention, but Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t the only holidays that can derail a diet. Just when you think you’re winning your resolution to eat healthier or lose weight, along comes Valentine’s Day. You and your sweetheart treat yourselves to wine, chocolate and rich, extravagant meals. Suddenly, those seven weeks of progress are wiped away, and so is your enthusiasm for sticking to your resolution. The good...

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The Top Social Moments of #LIC2017

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LIMU’s 2017 International Convention was made for moments like these. Moments of excitement, fulfillment, triumph and perseverance have become our hallmark, and the way we share them with others is what guides our success and the future success of those who witness it. So many of these magic moments happened at this year’s event, but then there were some that really stood out as great examples of the power of social media.   Headed...

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The New Social Sharables Section Is Now Live in Your Back Office

Posted by on Jan 4, 2017 in Featured, News, Uncategorized | 1 comment

The three keys to having the kind of social media presence that will help you grow your business? Quality, consistency and credibility. It’s a given that posting every day is absolutely essential for getting your business noticed in the never-ending stream of content that keeps your friends’ eyes glued to Facebook. It’s just as important, however, that your posts contain quality, sharable content that positions you as an influencer living...

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10 Reasons You Need to Be at International Convention

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LIMU’s 2017 International Convention is waiting for you on the other side of the holidays — are you prepared to attend the event that will set the tempo for your business in 2017? There are a lot of great reasons that you should start planning now to go and make 2017 your year.   The LIMU Experience, of course Stories of the LIMU Experience always precede it — for anyone who has ever created one, it’s the first thing that they want...

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How to Engage Millennials With The LIMU Experience

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in Featured, News | 2 comments

When LIMU recently introduced its new socially-driven customer acquisition strategy (LIMU 2.0), it was emphasized that the best way to do business in 2016 is to leverage the most popular social network in the world to reach more people with less effort. It’s like the old adage says: work smarter, not harder. Who, by default, is the most accessible, most active group on Facebook? Millennials (defined as ages 18–34) are not only the largest...

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