Shake It Up: How to Talk About LIMU LEAN

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When it comes to fitness and health, most people are looking for ways to lose weight, manage their weight or support an active lifestyle. By incorporating LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement Shakes (along with LIMU LEAN BURN to fight cravings) into a balanced diet, it’s easier than ever to do either! No matter a person’s health goals, there’s always a way to introduce LIMU LEAN to new Customers and potential Promoters.   The key is to...

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Road to LIMU LIVE!: How to Build for Events

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Throughout the year, LIMU creates important mile markers for your journey as a Promoter. These mile markers are opportunities to assess your business efforts, to see what is working and what isn’t, to meet and learn from other Promoters, and to discover the trends that might readjust your focus. With your newly revised roadmap in place, you can continue working the business plan with the utmost confidence that you’re firmly on the road to...

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Just Announced: ‘LIMU University’ is Your New Virtual Training Center for New Promoters

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LIMU is proud to announce a brand new business-building tool specifically designed to benefit your growing team right away — introducing LIMU University. It’s like homework that pays off in big ways! This simple, easy-to-use platform is now your very own, go-to virtual training center.   Now LIVE in your Back Office, it’s loaded with information and training videos that will completely revolutionize the way you build...

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Lead the Way: 7 Ways to Be a Better Leader

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One of the most important keys to developing a successful team is having an effective leader to build it around. Being an efficient leader also means practicing the qualities that will continually improve your leadership skills and guide others to do the same. With LIMU LIVE! just around the corner, now is the perfect time to polish those skills.   Here are 7 ways to become a better leader:   1. Know Your Team What drives your team...

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6 Steps to Build Your LIMU Business in 15 Minutes a Day

Posted by on Mar 21, 2017 in Biz-Building Blogs, Featured, News | 6 comments

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”   While your dreams may be larger than what can actually be accomplished in a single day, you can still have a huge impact on your business by devoting just minutes to business building. All it takes is efficiency, high-impact activities and consistency. Before you realize it, you will be growing your business in ways you never expected and celebrating your success!   Here are six easy ways you...

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First Things First: How to Talk About LIMU ORIGINAL

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LIMU ORIGINAL has been LIMU’s flagship product since 2003 and is a health and wellness phenomenon sold and recognized throughout the world. This award-winning product is powered by the supernutrient Fucoidan, which has been a source of health and well-being for thousands of years. So, what do you do with such an influential, groundbreaking product (besides drink it daily)? You share it and talk about it, of course. Here’s a comprehensive...

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