Sharing the Experience? Here’s the ONE Thing Your Prospects Want Most

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What is one thing your potential prospects all have in common and are most vested in? Concern for their problems and the best ways to resolve them. When you identify those problems, you can begin building trust and open a line of communication to introduce them to the LIMU opportunity. Keep these simple things in mind when defining those problems and inviting people to begin their LIMU Experience, and you’ll find you have much greater success...

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10 Protein-Powder-Packed Recipes (That Are NOT Shakes)

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1. Kicked-Up Oatmeal Take the flavor and protein content of classic oatmeal up a notch with this spin on a breakfast favorite. All you need is oats, almond milk, blueberries and LIMU LEAN Creamy Vanilla protein shake mix. Take this recipe and run with it — you can switch it up with our LIMU LEAN in Dutch Chocolate plus strawberries, or any other flavor combo you like.   Ingredients • 1 cup oats • ½ cup almond milk • 1 cup of...

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Work Car, Play Car: Step Into the LIMU BMW CLUB

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There are few more iconic luxury brands on the road today than BMW. That sleek, powerful machine is a ride to be admired, and owning one is a billboard of success. Of all of LIMU’s incentive programs, the LIMU BMW CLUB is its most coveted. It’s the most significant milestone that a Promoter can achieve in the early going, but also it’s the most important. BMWs stand out from the crowd, so therefore you and your business do, too. They make...

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Gary Raser LIMU President’s Call Recap – July 5, 2017

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The recorded President’s Call is available now!   Summer just got a whole lot hotter! 🔥 Earn extra cash on top of regular commissions throughout the month of July! 📈 — LIMU® (@LIMU) July 3, 2017 Q: “What is #LIMU?” A: ⬇️ — Gary J. Raser (@garyraser) July 4, 2017   These people made serious waves 🌊 in June by enrolling the most new Promoters...

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July Summer Sizzle: Increase Your Earnings!

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You might want to crank the AC, because July is about to get a lot hotter. The July Summer Sizzle is here to help you stack some extra cash to elevate your summertime Experience even further. For the entire month of July, the first three new Promoters you enroll with $499 Fast Track Packs will earn you extra cash on top of regular commissions — $50 more for the first, $50 more for the second and $75 more for the third! If you’re a Member or...

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Red, White & BLU: All-Natural Rocket Pop Recipe

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This is the time to celebrate our great nation and proudly display our red, white and BLU, but it’s also a time to spend with family and friends. Everyone loves a good Independence Day celebration filled with burgers, hot dogs, beer and lots of dessert. For the health-conscious, this can spell out diet disaster, but it doesn’t have to. You can still celebrate and have fun this Fourth of July without sacrificing your healthy habits or your...

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