Major Announcement: Special ‘Straight Talk’ Training with Gary J. Raser at LIMU LIVE! Arlington

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For the first time ever, LIMU Founder, President & CEO Gary J. Raser will present his popular “Straight Talk” training to all attendees, of any pin rank, at LIMU LIVE! Arlington.   Previously, only LIMU Promoters of 50K or higher were able to attend this exclusive talk, but on May 20, it will be open to everyone! You and everyone you know are invited to hear the business-building tactics and strategies that made him one of the top...

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3 Super Smoothies to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

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Commemorating the day of St. Patrick traditionally involves beverages that might never be the first choice for the health-minded, but you can still raise a glass to your health this Friday and actually mean it. We’ve come up with three delicious smoothie recipes that will give you the luck of the Irish — and the health that only LIMU can provide! The directions for each of these recipes are simple: just add ingredients to a blender and mix...

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Nothing Changes Attitudes Like Being Successful

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“I’m looking for people to join my team.” “I have three spots still available at my next event.” “This product works for me and I know it will for you, also.” You’ve seen network marketers post pitches like these around social media at some point. Maybe you’ve even been the one posting them, in which case, you’ve likely also seen criticisms of them. “This sounds sketchy.” “I’ve heard that network marketing doesn’t...

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15 Ways to Be More Confident

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Having self-confidence can be the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling defeated. The perception you have of yourself has an immeasurable impact on your ability to succeed and run a business.      Look at confidence as a skill set which you can improve on with regular practice and mindful consistency. You can apply them to any facet of your life, personally or professionally. With that, here are 15 simple ways that...

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5 Things to Do Before LIMU LIVE! Arlington

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  Every LIMU LIVE! brings big giveaways, bigger surprises, exclusive speakers and moments to just have fun with your fellow Promoters, but they’re also mile markers between which to pace your business’s growth. The next LIMU LIVE! is just around the corner, and if you haven’t yet begun preparing for it, it’s time to start checking off action items now to ensure you’re building momentum leading up to it. Whether this is your first...

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Free Trip Winner: Andrea Rosser’s Las Vegas Takeover!

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“Classy” “Gorgeous” “First-class” “Surreal” These are only a few of the words used by 200K Andrea Rosser when describing her all-expenses-paid LIMU LIVE! Dream Trip to Las Vegas with her husband, Corey. For Andrea, winning this trip was a truly surprise after submitting her story. “Well, goodness, it sounds cheesy but it was very surreal. I encouraged my team to submit their stories, and I didn’t want to be hypocritical....

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