LIMU LEAN BURN Facebook Contest Recap

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LIMU recently celebrated the one year anniversary of our award-winning LIMU LEAN BURN with a social media contest where hot prizes were given away such as PowerBeats 2 Wireless Headphones, fresh LIMU Gear, and tons of free LIMU products! The lucky winners were selected from Facebook after submitting their inspiring stories, videos and photos that showed how BURN has ignited their lives.   LIMU SVP Ryan Barson announced the winners live on...

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LIMU LEAN BURN: 1-Year Anniversary Social Media Contest

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It’s time to CELEBRATE!! After experiencing the most successful product launch in LIMU’s history, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary for one of the most innovative and award-winning LIMU products ever! We’re talking about LIMU LEAN BURN!   BURN has impacted people’s fitness and business around the world by providing ultra-premium paired with a revolutionary weight-loss formula that is changing lives! In just...

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Shelf Help: 10 Books You Need to Succeed in 2017 from the Desk of Gary J. Raser

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Ensuring the success of any business endeavor is helped by preparing, maximum team effort, and adapting. That has never been more true than in today’s social landscape where understanding the power of marketing and social media is vital to the success of your business. “Know the philosophy, know the details, and ignore everything in the middle.” – Gary Vaynerchuk While many things change, one thing remains true throughout any era or...

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How to Boost Facebook Engagement

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A big part of generating interest for your business on Facebook is about engaging your followers. If your posts aren’t pushing them to interact you may not be getting the most of your posts. To increase engagement, you need to create content that’s not only business oriented but also personal and fun.   Remember, people don’t want to just hear about products all the time and they don’t come to Facebook to see advertisements. Why...

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Facebook Messenger: The Art of Relationship Building

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Each month, over 900 million people around the world communicate with friends, families and over 50 million businesses on Messenger. This past spring, Facebook made a major update to its Messenger app: it opened the door for developers to create chatbots for brands to engage with their communities on their behalf. Yes, robots are now communicating with us on Facebook!     This means that the very nature of how we communicate using it...

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6 Ways to Leverage Social Media During LIMU LIVE!

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Biz-Building Blogs, Featured, News, Social Media, Social Network Marketing, Training | 1 comment

Social media is key to creating buzz for any event. If you want to supercharge your LIMU LIVE! experience, be sure to use Facebook and other social outlets to promote it! It’s an easy effective way to increase branded event exposure while still having fun. Here’s how:   Update Your Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Pic     Friends and followers landing on your page will become more aware of LIMU LIVE! by seeing a cover...

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