Since 1948, the Mission has offered free shelter and meals to homeless men, women and children, as well as counseling and education. Each year, LIMU employees volunteer at OURM by helping serve more than 1,500 Thanksgiving Banquet meals to Orlando’s homeless. In addition, LIMU staff organizes an annual Clothing Drive to benefit the Mission, has funded new appliances for their kitchens and is helping them develop new strategic marketing initiatives.

For over 60 years, the Orlando Union Rescue Mission has served our community with services for homeless families and individuals.They help people who face serious life challenges to find their way back to stability, to shelter, to nutrition, to counseling and even to education. And LIMU has been a strong corporate partner to their efforts, as has the Gary Raser family …

  • For years, LIMU staff members have committed to serve the homeless at the Mission’s Annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet, helping to feed over 1,500 people. It is a special blessing to be able to do this year after year, and our staff signs up for the event as soon as it is made available. In fact, the Mission always works directly with us to assure that LIMU can continue to participate in a major way every year, with 20+ staff typically in attendance at the Banquet, one of the largest volunteer groups on hand. On its own, LIMU also brings pies and desserts for the Great Thanksgiving Banquet, assuring that all guests can enjoy the best part of the meal!
  • Thanks to our CEO, LIMU staff members are paid in full for the time they volunteer at the Banquet, serving on behalf of their fellow LIMU teammates and our LIMU Members. We arrive early on the day before Thanksgiving and serve until the very last person and family has had their special meal. The Mission depends on loyal volunteers and LIMU offers that to them with a generous spirit.
  • Our LIMU staff holds a clothing drive for the Mission every year, providing gently used clothes to the Mission’s guests through their Bargain Store and Donation Center. LIMU collects the clothes at our office and takes them to the Donation Center, as part of its ongoing commitment to the organization.
  • We expanded our service to the Mission this year by participating in their “Hot Dogs for Heroes” event, serving over 800 people at a Cook-Off for homeless Veterans the day before the Independence Day weekend. LIMU staff brought their own personal grills and cooked, plated and served meals from early morning to mid-afternoon.
  • LIMU has also been there for the Mission in times of crisis, including when their commercial ovens costing tens of thousands of dollars failed and had to be replaced the same day. LIMU wrote a check for the new ovens so that the Mission could continue its work without any suspension of its meal service.


Why do we support the Mission? Because we believe in people. Even the humblest beginning can turn into a wonderful success story, if we but only offer the special help someone needs. We see that in our company and in our Members, and we see it in our communities. As our CEO says, “To whom much is given, much is expected” … and the Orlando Union Rescue Mission certainly deserves our blessings!