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Stories for LIMU LIVE! New Orleans will be accepted between June 1st and September 5th.

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Stories will be accepted between June 1st and September 5th.

Congratulations on your LIMU Experience!
You’re changing lives every day, including yours. And with the submission of your powerful LIMU Experience story, you’ll be eligible for our incredible LIMU LIVE! prizes and trips, just for creating a great new lifestyle and sharing it with us … what could be easier?!

As you write your story, remember to …

  • Explain what your life was like before your LIMU Experience.
  • Tell us what you wanted to achieve or improve.
  • Describe how LIMU has changed your life for the better.
  • Include any information that helps others relate to your story, such as how your lifestyle has changed, any health enhancements, whether your financial situation is more secure, etc.

Remember, submitting your story is the best way to share your personal LIMU Experience journey with us. And it’s also a great way to communicate that Experience to everyone you meet … so you can help them change their lives, too!