Thanks to the LIMU Experience, Ashleigh Wallace and her husband of nine years, Wesley, can dream again.

Ashleigh, a young stay-at-home mom, has always felt blessed to have quality time at home with her children, including being able to homeschool their eldest. Wesley is the Streets and Parks Supervisor for the city of Canadian, Texas where the family lives, and is going to school at night for his master’s degree. His income covered the bills, but left very little room for extras. So Ashleigh found herself looking for a way to bring in some additional income without having to sacrifice time. “I prayed for the perfect thing that would allow me to still follow my passion, which is taking care of our children, while still bringing in a little extra money to make us more comfortable financially,” Ashleigh recalls.

What she was looking for she found in LIMU, a business her mom and sisters were already having success in when Ashleigh decided to join the team. After just five months, she had earned the equivalent of her husband’s annual salary—and the couple saw the unlimited potential to the LIMU business. “We have always dreamed of traveling and other things that just were never possible before,” she says. “We never even took a honeymoon, saying it was something we’d do someday. But that someday was never there. Now, not only are we dreaming again, but we’re actually planning and making those dreams a reality.”