For more than 26 years, I have worked as a Certified Natural Health Professional and Medical Technologist. I prefer to have my own business because I can set my own schedule and I love what I do. My husband, David, is retired from the National Weather Service. “I got involved in TLC because I thought Original Limu™ was a fabulous product that could help me and my clients.

After drinking 6 ounces of Original Limu™ a day for almost four years, the product benefits I’ve experienced are vast. Overall, I feel much stronger and my hair, skin and nails are healthy and glowing. “I could also see that this would be an easy business to duplicate and that TLC has a tremendous management team who understands Network Marketing.

The Quick Start Bonus got my attention because I have never seen a compensation plan that helps you earn money so quickly; and having only one product to learn about makes duplication easier and faster. “David and I enjoy working together in our TLC business, as well as the time and financial freedom it affords us. We have more money to save and for expenses, and also discretionary income to use for good purposes, such as remodeling our kitchen, giving more to church and charitable organizations, and for family vacations and fun times. “Our goal is to achieve the next pin level by sharing the product and opportunity with everyone who will listen and to help them derive the benefits of this business. We are looking forward to a great retirement!”