“My sister wrote a book about seaweed, and in her research she discovered LIMU Original. She was so impressed by what she had learned that she called to tell us we HAD to start drinking it. Thankfully, we followed her advice, because we experienced amazing results early on! However, it took a little while before we realized the full potential of the opportunity The LIMU Company offered. Although Michael and I were both working and weren’t satisfied with our positions, we were so focused on how the product was benefiting us, that we didn’t really consider how the opportunity could transform our lives as well. “I was working part time in corporate America and Michael was self employed in the wholesale automobile industry. That market changed dramatically after September 11, 2001, becoming more volatile with each passing day. When that instability affected our income, we started to worry more about our future.

We had saved for retirement, but with our income starting to fluctuate and the downturn in the stock market, we became more concerned about our retirement years. We did not want to have to change the lifestyle we had grown accustomed to. “About that time, we started to realize that we had the answer right in front of us. Not only had we experienced remarkable health benefits, but even our German shepherd responded positively to Original LIMU, and we knew we had to start sharing the product with more people. After about two months, I replaced my part-time income and was able to quit my job! “I continued to grow my LIMU business for another year, and as my checks got bigger and bigger, Michael got more excited about the opportunity.

Seeing the money I was making, Michael realized this could be our retirement plan and joined me in building our business. Now we are on our way to creating a solid six-figure residual income, which will enable us to give more to church and charity, help others, travel without worry about cost, and have the peace of mind that we’ll enjoy a comfortable retirement. “The LIMU opportunity is amazing! We are so thankful that we discovered this business, and feel honored to be able to share a better future with others as well. The leadership has an incredible amount of experience, professionalism and integrity, which is very important to us. And most importantly, we believe the opportunity with LIMU is the American Dream in its purest form!”