Darrell Higgins first inquired about LIMU on behalf of a friend. He became a LIMU Promoter for himself, but he’s been most profoundly changed by LIMU because of the healing his son has experienced. “When I first looked into the business model, I told my friend it would be a good decision,” Darrell recalls. “Then I told him I’d be his first LIMU sign-up! It took me only 22 days to get to 100K, even with zero prior experience. And it only took me seven days to get my wife to talk to me again after I joined without her permission!”

Today his wife is just as pleased as he is with the financial independence and, more importantly, with the health improvement his son has experienced. “When I first got involved with LIMU, I hoped to get my initial purchase money back. Now I’ve been able to pay off all my credit cards and we live debt free,” Darrell says. Darrell’s wife, Michelle, had experienced migraine headaches, and after she began drinking LIMU ORIGINAL, she quickly started feeling better.

But the most remarkable improvement was experienced by his son Peyton, who often experienced difficulty breathing coupled with coughing fits before he began drinking LIMU ORIGINAL. The improvement was most noticeable after a period when Peyton had gone without LIMU for about two weeks. Peyton experienced a life-threatening coughing spell and was rushed to the emergency room. Darrell then realized they hadn’t made a trip to the emergency room since before Peyton started drinking the product. “I was so caught up in the financial side of LIMU, I didn’t fully appreciate the health side of it,” he remarks.

Darrell considers his background as a high school football coach and teacher to be his greatest advantage in building his LIMU business. “Coaching helps me know how to help others. It’s about building up the weak link and encouraging the superstars,” he says. “But it’s all about building the whole team.”

Darrell knows the financial independence he experiences through his LIMU business is a blessing, but having the health of his child restored is truly priceless.