A good, happy, middle-class life.

This is the way Tyler and Erica describe their lives before joining LIMU. “I was an eighth-grade math teacher, and Tyler had his own vinyl siding business with his family,” Erica says. “But once your mind stretches and you realize that you have your hands on something that can change the world, we felt obligated to give it our all. So we made the decision to give up something good to get something great.”

For Tyler and Erica, success with LIMU did not come slowly. By the couple’s fourth month with the company, they were making more income working LIMU part time than Tyler was making in his full time job. A few months later, through LIMU’s BMW Club, Erica was driving a car that cost more than her annual teaching salary. Their team grew quickly and Tyler was able to retire from working in his family’s business. After that, Erica resigned from her teaching job, the very same year she was named Teacher of the Year for their Louisiana parish. She and Tyler were right: They did have good, happy lives before. But they decided to pursue something great instead.

“We’re what Gary calls 96-percenters… never been in the industry. Now, we are both under 30 and already retired with a six-figure income that continues to increase,” Erica says. “We are living a life that three years ago we would’ve never thought was possible, and we did it without any prior experience.” Although the money is nice, it’s not what LIMU is all about for Tyler and Erica.

“It’s about the whole experience—dreaming bigger, giving people hope, allowing people to dream again. Giving people options, giving people their lives back, and every day waking up with a chance to be more and bless others as much as we’ve been blessed,” Erica says.

Being able to work together to build a common dream has made Tyler and Erica an especially strong team. “We are part of the Young Promoters that Gary talks about, the Yopros, and we attack our business like we are competing in the Wimbledon doubles championship,” Erica says. “We both practice, we both show up, we both play, and we play to win. When you build LIMU together, you build so much more—not only are our paychecks bigger, but our marriage is stronger, and our faith is deeper.”