A carpenter by trade, Greg Bauman had built log houses in Montana for years. Though he enjoyed building, in all his years as a carpenter he never experienced gratitude like he has from the people whose lives he has changed through his LIMU business. Several years ago a lull in the construction business forced him to try a job in sales, but Greg quickly figured out that trying to meet quotas from a cubicle just wasn’t for him. In September 2011 he was introduced to the LIMU Experience and found his calling.

“Once I learned about the relationship marketing business, I fell in love with the industry,” Greg says. “I liked the independence and the focus on people helping other people.” His business started slowly at first, but once he partnered with a friend, they found success more easily. “With two of us having the same goals and beliefs, my business has been exploding ever since,” Greg says. “Persistence is the key. It’s important not to buy into other people’s dreams, but hold to what you know you can do.”

Financial independence was the initial draw for Greg, along with the BMW he earned. But the ability to share the opportunity and LIMU Experience with others is what motivates him now. “It quickly becomes not about you, but about others,” Greg explains. “This is the type of business that when you help others reach goals, you also help yourself. This couldn’t be a more rewarding thing to be a part of—the ability to completely change lives.”

Greg constantly shares his love of LIMU with extended family and friends. His newfound income enables him to travel to provide hands-on coaching and instruction to them. When people on his team begin their LIMU business and gain their own financial independence, the gratitude he gets in return is by far his most rewarding LIMU Experience.