In February of 2012, I was approached about LIMU and the possible business opportunity by a close friend Darrell Higgins (200K) and, at that time, I was not ready, able, or motivated to join LIMU. Darrell continued to talk to me about the possibilities and life change that this product and opportunity could do for my family and I but, no matter what he said, I was still not interested.

In May of this year, my wife and I made a commitment to our church—she was to go to Uganda on a mission trip. We did not know how we were going to cover the cost, but this was an opportunity that could help others and we made the commitment and decided we would figure out the finances later. Being that I am a school teacher of 12 years and it was summer, I started looking for odd jobs to pick up extra money so that I could help cover the cost. In late June, Darrell and Bruce Hamilton (100K) came back to me and told me it was time to join LIMU.

I trusted my friends and joined LIMU on June 27, 2012. I worked very hard sharing my experience, testimonies, and business opportunity with others in my area and, in 30 days, I hit 20K! I couldn’t believe it! What made it so special is that my wife was in Uganda on her mission trip and had no idea we hit 20K until she got home. Since that time, my wife and I are working together as a team and have hit 50K and we have no plans to stop. LIMU has changed my life both physically and financially and it all started because I trusted friends, worked hard, and helped others. This experience is REAL.