Jennifer Sanderson will always be grateful for her brother’s persistence in sharing the LIMU opportunity with her in the summer of 2011. “He cornered me at my son’s baseball game due to my unwillingness to listen to him,” she recalls. “I gave him 20 minutes and then my life changed forever.” It wasn’t an easy time for Jennifer and her family; they were on the brink of bankruptcy and she worked full time as an occupational therapist and juggled two extra part-time jobs to catch up on bills. “I didn’t get enough time with my kids,” Jennifer says. “And when I say we were in debt, I mean we had all the regular bills life throws at you plus $35,000 on credit cards, mostly due to doctors’ bills.”

Jennifer was attracted to LIMU’s opportunity for better health, but she knew her husband would be skeptical about the business aspect. “So I did what any good wife would do and decided it was better to ask forgiveness than permission,” she says. “I finally fessed up when I was awarded a black BMW paid for by LIMU because I didn’t know where to hide it and figured he couldn’t be mad!” And that new BMW came right after her regular job had awarded her for sales growth … with a little squishy stress ball.

In fact, her husband was so excited that he joined her in growing their LIMU business. Today Jennifer’s team is on the rise, and she’s reached the 200K level. “Our experience with LIMU has truly been life-altering,” she adds. “I am now retired and spending all the time I want with my family. We are no longer limited financially.” They take vacations with ease, invest in rental properties and have improved their health.

Jennifer also has time to share her success with team members and new recruits. “My LIMU team, we are a family. We see each other or talk to each other daily and everyone is so positive,” she says. “And every three months we all get together at the phenomenal LIMU LIVE events.” Jennifer likes to emphasize to others that LIMU is more than just another health supplement. “LIMU is a tool to an all-around better life,” she says. “We are debt free and living the life we always dreamed of.”