Only in their mid 20s, college students Justin and Kristina Martin were newlyweds when friends introduced them to LIMU, and the timing was perfect. They were living on one income while Kristina went to nursing school and they liked the idea of having extra money. “It’s hard for people to understand LIMU when they hear how successful people are in it,” Justin says. “Everyone comes from their own ‘jobs’ where they’re told what to do and what’s expected of them. LIMU is more of an experience where people get to have fun while building a business and seeing health benefits.”

Over the two years they have been with LIMU, even though they had zero experience, they have risen to the 500K rank and their LIMU Experience has changed along with their lives. At first, Justin worked at a warehouse during the day and built his LIMU business at night. After he started making twice as much with LIMU as he did at his day job, he decided to devote himself to having full-time LIMU fun. “In just over a year, I saw a ton of my friends and even family members receive free BMWs, and change their lives and their finances.” Last year, when he started dental school full time, he didn’t lose his LIMU income—instead, it nearly doubled. “Seeing my LIMU business grow during part time, full time and hardly any time is enough for me to say that anyone can fit LIMU into their life!” he says.

Because his LIMU Experience has been so fluid, Justin equates it with freedom. He’s had the freedom to make his own schedule, the freedom to build his own team, the freedom of not having anyone give him orders, not to mention the financial freedom. “That’s exactly what it did for us and has now done for so many on our team,” he says. He’s celebrated that freedom by surprising Kristina with a brand-new black Z4 BMW and by helping his sister retire at age 40, so she could be home with her three kids. What would he say to someone considering a LIMU opportunity? “You’d be insane not to do it,” he says. “At a regular job, you get in trouble for having too much fun. In LIMU, if you aren’t having too much fun, then you don’t get it!”