Our LIMU Journey is very rewarding. If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll have what you want. LIMU helps us pay for our home , our truck, we paid cash for our land, and a 5th wheel travel trailer, Katherine just got a new swimming pool! We take off from truckin 1 to 2 weeks every MONTH, we are “Simi Retired” ! We are in our 60′s now, but feel more like 40! Won’t be long before we become fully retired from Truckin, and live everyday sharing LIMU, drinking LIMU and feeling great.

LIMU The Company has everything you need to build a solid future, so if you are 18 or 80, LIMU is the right plan for you! Just plug in to the LIMU Opportunity… all you have to do is add people, and watch your Team grow, it’s fun and anyone can do it. LIMU is a gift from God, and it is an honor and a duty to share with everyone. We drink all the LIMU products because it gives us the energy and well being, that youthful feeling everyone wants!

Our LIMU family is made up of people from all walks of life, we love them all and enjoy seeing them grow as they make their LIMU journey and see the Vision! Simply Awesome!!

If there is one thing we know for sure these days, it is that you can count on LIMU! We are proud to be a part of LIMU and we are a work in progress, stay tuned for the rest of the story…